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  • Amy Tsu said:
    I love you guys. (: Jan 31
  • TheMickieee said:
    Jan 30
  • Zach Attack! said:
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  • Cody S. said:
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  • Olivia said:
    Wow, your lyrics are awsome! Jan 19
  • jessica said:
    you guyssss Jan 19
  • Michael said:
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  • Cierra Nicole said:
    You should really come play up north again, in that huge town of Kingsford, Michigan. We can party. You can shut off my alarm, again, so I miss class. And we'll have a blast. (: Jan 18
  • Sincerely3mily said:
    since when did you start playing country music? it's not that i don't like it, because i do, it's just a lot different from what i remember you used to do. Jan 18
  • willshellz said:
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  • transurferx said:
    Tnx! Jan 18
  • Jack Ansell said:
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  • John Aux said:
    like u guys...so awesome. Dec 29
  • Kayla said:
    Your voice is absolutely amazing....and your music is just as such.. =) Dec 21
  • Cody S. said:
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  • Josh Bonanno said:
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