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  • cassie said:
    ahhhhh i love the whole entire album great job! Dec 14
  • Domi said:
    thts cutee. :) Dec 14
  • Sarah said:
    wow i love your music. you have a great voice. Dec 14
  • madison said:
    Hey I love love love your music. It is absoloutley fantastic. I am extremely thrilled you are a Minnesota artist. I will definately be at one of your shows. Thanks for such fantastic music! Dec 14
  • Caitlin said:
    :) Dec 14
  • SARAcatastrophe said:
    i love the new songs. i should go pick up your cd for myself for christmas. i really love the song "til the world ends" i know all of the words already. lol. i love you dane! Dec 13
  • winterFR3$H (to deathh). said:
    the new songs are wonderously wonderful. Nov 26
  • lost.in.the.[airwaves] said:
    such a big fan!!! love your music. Nov 25
  • yeshnicle said:
    you have to come to florida! Nov 05
  • ImxDyingx4xU said:
    i love youuu. Oct 13
  • lizs said:
    ahhh! you're coming to eau claire over my christmas break!! i will totally be there. Oct 08
  • winterFR3$H (to deathh). said:
    amazing. Sep 25
  • sealedwithakissx said:
    this guy i met on vacation got me into your music. i never got to thank him. your music is amazing. Sep 22
  • Not available said:
    I love ur music! ur awesome! Sep 16
  • TODA said:
    puts your music on zune Aug 25
  • CuPcAkE:) said:
    i adore ur voice!!! Aug 23
  • ohXliz said:
    basicallyyyy i love ur music. =] Aug 07
  • Jessica said:
    Ah, you're amazing, no lie :D Aug 05
  • shelbs (: said:
    You guys are the most amazing band i think ever. i love pretty much every song, keep up the good work loves (: Jul 22
  • Christoferr said:
    Support + Jul 17