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Scrubbing the tobacco from your air

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“Smoking is injurious to health” is the statuary warning mentioned on the cigarette packs that does not stop smokers from buying them. Smokers are of course at a risk but second hand smokers also known as passive smokers are at greater risk as much as 20% more at risk than the active smokers or the first hand smokers. Fine particles causing allergic reactions in the lungs and asthma are released when tobacco is burned causing discomfort to people who cannot stand the smoke. Even if you wish to give up on smoking it is a process that will take some time before you completely come clean.

And if you are a smoker or a person residing with a smoker, clarifying the air or purifying it is absolutely necessary and even more necessary when there are kids around. Ordinary air purifiers fail to do the trick because the particulate smoke cannot be gotten rid of by them. Specialized air purifiers; such as this ozone air cleaner for smokers, particularly meant to purify air from cigarette smoke is required.

Points to remember while buying air purifier for cigarette smoke - Tips for choosing the best air purifier for smokers

Determining the purpose for which you need the purifier is the primary step of choosing the right air purifier. Whether you need to purify the air of allergens, dander, pollen, smoke, etc needs to be determined because the particulate size of these highly vary. For instance if you are particular about smoke air purifier then you must consider the size of the smoke particles, chemical fumes, etc which is generally lesser than 0.3 microns.

Basic filters or purifiers can filter out bacteria and other particles which are generally about 0.3 microns and even more the standard HEPA filters can filter out particles ranging from 0.3 to 0.5microns. However such filters are not efficient for purifying smoke from cigarettes. Ultraviolet air purifier, activated carbon filter or ionizers are the ideal kinds of purifier meant for smoke.

Other factors for consideration in choosing air purifier

Apart from the filter capacity of the air purifier, certain other aspects must be looked up on before buying the filter. These include the clean delivery rate of the purifier, noise level, reliability, etc. The CADR or the clean air delivery rate is the capacity or standard measurement of the total volume of air that the purifier is capable of purifying or cleansing in one hour time span. The efficiency of the filter is determined by this CADR number where higher the number greater the efficiency of the purifier.

CFM or Cubic Feet per minute is yet another measurement used to gauge the efficiency of the purifier. This number depicts the amount of air flowing through the purifier in one minute time. Any purifier with a CFM between 350 to 400 CPM is considered to be potent air purifier. Warranty period of the air purifier must be at least for a period of five years which includes repair and replacement of the fan of the purifier as well as the motor.

Best air purifier ideal for your home has seven stages of purification

Basically an ionizer or activated carbon filter can be a good choice but air purifier with seven purification stages is the idea one that rids the air of all pollutants and provides you with clean fresh air. Choose a purifier which has all the seven stages which include dust debris pre-filter; photo catalytic filter; UV filter, ionization, ozone, carbon filtration and HEPA. Such purifiers not only eliminate smoke and debris but also give you fresh air. The coverage must also be your concern where you can opt for purifier with the maximum coverage area which is around 3,500 sq ft.


Posted Mar 10, 2015 at 4:41am