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James Daytona


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James Daytona
My Dreams of London

It's not too often that a new emcee comes in and completely demands my attention, but this is one of those emcees. To say the least, I had never even heard of this artist until I was given his CD to review. While I waited for the album to come in the mail, I went ahead and did my homework on this artist. What did I find out? He hails from Naptown ( Indianapolis , IN ) and rolls with Kulture Entertainment's Fiti Futuristic. I then proceeded to check out his very fresh cover art (created by A Team Design) and went on to check out a few samples of his music. Needless to say, I was left with a good impression and couldn't wait to get this album in the mail.

Okay, so who is this artist that I'm talking about? His name is James Daytona and this is his freshman release My Dreams of London . After doing all of my homework on this guy, I was coming into my first listening with expectations that this would be a good album, and James Daytona didn't disappoint. Starting out the gates quickly, the album's first banger is This Boy is Hard. The message in this song is twofold: 1) Daytona is giving us his introduction as an artist, and 2) he is talking about God/Jesus. This boy (Daytona) is hard, and he's got the Bible (God) in his hands. This is a summertime jam, and a party track that can get the ladies out on the dance floor.

From that point forward, the album continues with the same fervor and doesn't stop until you reach the end. What I liked a lot about this album is that it's one that can get you out of your seat and out on the floor, or at the very least forcefully make you bob your head. Who You Wit (featuring Fiti Futuristic) and I'm on Fire are a couple of those tracks. After proving to us that he can make you bounce, he also sets out to show us his remarkable talent for storytelling with tracks like My Homeboy's Wife (fictional) and Past, Present, and Future (non-fiction). With My Homeboy's Wife, Daytona creates a story about him hooking up with his friend's wife while they were separated; this is a great story and I loved the way he was able to spit it. P,P & F is a track featuring Meta-4 & Deanna Dixon over which the two emcees share a piece of themselves and their past with the world. It's good to see that people can be open about their mistakes and show how they were able to move with God's help. James Daytona was even able to slip in a few sentimental tracks in I Like the Way and 2 Step.

By the time I got to the end of this album, I'll admit that I was thoroughly impressed. I hadn't been this impressed by a newcomer since hearing Viktory's debut album. It's a breath of fresh air to see talent rising up in the holy hip-hop scene. The flaws in this album were minimal, and this is an excellent debut from James Daytona. Take notice because this emcee will be around for years to come. By the way, what were his dreams of London ? You'll just have to get the album to find out.

Suggested Listening: Fiti Futuristic Watch What Happens, Propaganda Out of Nowhere, YSG-Timothy 2 Man Game Mixtape

Key Tracks: This Boy is Hard, I Like the Way, My Homeboys Wife

Review Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Reviewer: Trailblaza


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    what up my big brother i have remmberd u from metro christian u was ther with paster simmon and liz Dec 05


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