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Genres: Pop Punk / Rock / Ska

Location: Madison, WI

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5 tracks

Members: Rick, Lee, Tyler, David, Andy

Oh yeah, and we broke up

Some of you already knew this, and a lot of you probably figured it out from the comments on our myspace page and our lack of activity over the past several months. After seven years, weve officially decided to call it quits, and for good this time. Some where around the middle of December, I realized that we hadnt done anything as a band since October. We hadnt played a show. We hadnt practiced. Nothing. After we got off stage after our Halloween show, we just stopped doing anything. So I called Lee in December and we talked things over.

Lee and I had a very similar conversation in February 2004 when most of the original line up had quit over the span of a couple of weeks. At that point we decided to piece things back together and keep going with the band. This time around, we both just didnt have the motivation to try to keep things going. We never really got the industry attention that we had been looking for when we recorded My New Obsession. So it seemed like the right time to admit that we had tried really hard, and just come up short of what wed been shooting for.

We didnt announce it right away because for a while I just couldnt bring myself to actually tell anyone. But now it seems like people know, and I finally sold our tour van earlier this week, so it seemed like an appropriate time to let everyone know.

I feel like we did some amazing things over the past seven plus years, especially during the last three and a half when we lived in our van(s) and traveled around the country pretty much none stop. I dont feel like we failed, and Ill never regret putting the rest of my life on hold to pursue our dream. I feel grateful for having had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and travel to so many wonderful cities around the entire country. I know every band says this, but its true, its all of our amazing fans that made it so worthwhile for myself and for all of us. We love all of you and well never forget all of the great times we had.

That being said, there is some good news. Before we say goodbye to I Voted For Kodos forever, well be playing two last shows. Our final shows will be held May 18th at The Loft in Madison, WI and May 19th at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI for Skappleton. If it were up to me, and plane tickets grew on trees, wed be playing two more farewell shows at Sams in San Antonio and Bloomfield in NJ, but things just didnt quite work out that way. Well be playing two extra long sets at the Madison show featuring songs spanning our 7 year history. Well also be bringing back an all-star line-up of former and current members to rock your faces off and celebrate all things kodos. Hopefully well see a lot of familiar faces.

As for what were up to now, Lee is living in Memphis, TN and picking up where he left off with his film career. Tyler is still keeping it real in Racine and working at a dildo factory (no for real, dude makes dildos and butt plugs). Im sure hell be starting a new band soon enough, and well keep you updated when he does. Im living in Minneapolis with my girlfriend and Ive already started working on a couple of new musical projects. I dont ever plan to stop writing and recording music, so hopefully some of you will be willing to follow me in my non-ska adventures. Ive started a new band with original iv4k guitarist Chris Holoyda called (firefight) and Ive also started a solo project called The Faster We Fall. There are demo recordings posted on both sites, so go check them out and let me know what you think. Then add me as a friend so I can win the myspace scene cred game.

Oh yeah, and if you live in the Twin Cities and youre a musician, drop me a line at rick@iv4k.com. (firefight) is looking for a bass player and drummer, and Im always looking for musicians to collaborate with on my solo stuff.

Finally, thanks again to everyone for joining us during our travels. You mean the world to us.


Final Shows Line-up:
Rick Bisenius vocals, trombone, moog
Lee Gordon mellophone, guitar, backing vocals
Tyler Christensen guitar, backing vocals
Chris Holoyda guitar
Ross Gilliland bass
Troy Riechenberger drums
Nick Rydell alto sax

with special guest appearances by:
Seamus Arena bass
more tba.

Rick & Chriss new band: (firefight)
Ricks solo project: The Faster We Fall
Lees myspace page
Davids myspace page


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I Voted For Kodos is a high energy pop-rock band from Wisconsin. Their combination of catchy hooks, tight harmonies and amazing live shows makes them a force to be reckoned with. When they're not in the recording studio, iv4k is constantly on tour. To this date, I Voted For Kodos has completed five national tours and six eastern US tours. Along the way they have shared the stage with such acts as Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Reel Big Fish, Bowling For Soup, Mest, No Use For A Name, Lucky Boys Confusion and Mustard Plug. They've also performed on the 2004, 2005 & 2006 Warped Tours and the 2005 Bamboozle in Asbury Park, NJ as winners of the purevolume.com Bamboozle on-line voting competition. I Voted For Kodos has just returned from a six week tour with Jupiter Sunrise and The Class of 98.

The band recently released their second full length album recorded by Sean O'Keefe(Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Hawthorne Heights) and Manny Sanchez(Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus, Riddlin Kids) on Snapdragon Records in the US and Kick Rock Music in Japan.



  • KylieAnn1011 said:
    what the hell happened to She hates ska???????? Jan 31
  • Rosie said:
    shit i fucking miss you guys. Jan 29
  • Sam ! said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/ServiteKike ska from Argentina! Jun 29
  • Joel said:
    Any new stuff coming out guys? Feb 25
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    Marry me?? Apr 15
  • KatherineKayy said:
    Yew guys are Insanely Amazing... :PP haha definently my TOP 10!>! ha stop by iowa or Minn... for a concert ha ill GO!!! Apr 07
  • nosaj said:
    suckish u guys are wasome o well thats how it goes Mar 07
  • Nate said:
    you broke up! RAHHHHHHHHHH! Feb 10
  • myquadisfast said:
    you guys rock i cant believe you guys broke up you guys are such a good band Jan 23
  • Megan Hchuk said:
    ah! no, you guys are fantastic!! Dec 29
  • Charlenelaughs said:
    :( you guys were good stuff that was bad news :( Jun 18
  • ~Autumn~ said:
    My other girlfriends says I have to leave you is my favourite song!!!! I cant believe you broke up... You were amazing... May 27
  • Nicole said:
    i wish you were still a band D: Jan 18
  • Nicole said:
    AWESOME sound Jan 18

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