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Genres: Indie / Rock / Progressive

Location: San Francisco, CA

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5 tracks

Members: Ian Pedigo, Chris Hinkley, Brent Walsh, Blake Dahlinger

“We don’t want people to just listen to our music on a surface level. We want people to dive into the songs and dissect them and to really feel them,” states Brent Walsh, vocalist for the San Francisco Bay Area band known as I the Mighty.

I The Mighty will release Karma Never Sleeps - their new EP and Equal Vision Records debut - in Fall 2011. “Our new material is pretty different from our previous releases. Karma Never Sleeps is a lot heavier, a bit darker, and has a moodier ambient,” explains bassist Chris Hinkley.

Listeners will certainly feel the intense emotions of the ambitious and captivating EP, which was produced by Erik Ron [Panic! At The Disco, VersaEmerge, Foxy Shazam]. The album features six sweeping tracks filled with soaring vocals, catchy hooks, charging guitars and an explosive instrumentations that make for a mesmerizing whirlwind of cinematic soundscapes.

Lyrically infused with powerful and poignant storylines, some tracks take inspiration directly from Walsh’s life experiences, while others are written as if they were dreams illuminated onto a screen through a stream of imagination. Seamlessly woven throughout each track is the ubiquitous theme of karma.

Karma Never Sleeps sets I The Mighty forth in a new direction, reinventing their music into an experience that ascends far beyond frequencies and sound waves. Karma Never Sleeps envelops the listener into dramatic, dreamlike imagery of tales of political corruption, desperation and despair, and even words of cautionary counseling for the young and reckless.

“In a sense, heading into the recording together was really a discovery of what our band would become,” explains guitarist Ian Pedigo. “The process was very organic. The first three songs actually stemmed from jam sessions we had while practicing our old sets for live shows.”

Since their 2007 inception, I The Mighty has melded together effortlessly and has already compiled an impressive following of support on the west coast, seeing regular rotation on local modern rock station Live 105 and sharing stages with the likes of Hawthorne Heights, There For Tomorrow, Deftones and more.

I The Mighty has undoubtedly achieved their goal of creating bright, bold and memorable music on the new EP but certainly don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Blake Dahlinger (drums) expounds, “At this point, there isn’t one singular goal that would satisfy what we aim to do. We want to tour the world. We want to continuously put out records that will hopefully mean a lot to us as well as many people. We want to put our own stamp on the music scene by developing our own sound. We want to continuously set and reach goals throughout our career so that we can better ourselves as musicians and people.”

Walsh concludes, “And the thing we hope for most…is that our music means something to someone, the way that other artists have meant so much to us in our lives.”

Contact Info:

Management - daniel [at] sightinsound [dot] com
Booking - brad [at] thesorokaagency [dot] com
Band Email - ithemighty@gmail.com
Label - Equal Vision Records.


  • ClassicThomas said:
    http://justusofficial.com/ Indie/folk from Asbury Park, NJ Mar 28
  • Xavier ☮ (@Xaviercamejo) said:
    Perfect! Dec 16
  • Silverhole said:
    You guys sent me private message forever ago, I normally REFUSE to listen to music from private messages or comments on my page...I am so glad I gave you guys a shot...I'm not quite sure you're that similar to Circa Survive or Say Anything, but you guys certainly have a unique sound! Love the lyrics as well. ;) Jul 09
  • Kate said:
    cant wait for new music!!! literally love you guys Jun 20
  • caitlyn said:
    you guys are so good! x Mar 01
  • zarina said:
    wow you guys are pretty good.. :D Feb 28
  • RachaelPaige said:
    you guys are pretty great :) Feb 24
  • Matt said:
    Lets be 100% serious right now.... www.purevolume.com/ipty Feb 20
  • Desiree said:
    i like you guyys Jan 24
  • scrofa09 said:
    cute songs ^_^ Jan 05
  • blanksheet said:
    cool =D Jan 02
  • kent said:
    good job guys! Dec 26
  • Taylor said:
    in lovee with your music :]] Dec 25
  • dee apple said:
    great music! love the sound you guys are amazing! Dec 25
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    thats so cool i was tellin the lead singer justin that we should get a scene goin in san fran i luv the sound man lets play a show together sometime Dec 24

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