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  • Kristen Olivia said:
    Love you guys! We hail from the same city, I look forward to seeing more of you guys. Mar 08
  • adriana said:
    I love your lyrics Oct 19
  • Wickid Candace said:
    you guys are amazing...i love ur music espically ur song "i don't know" Jul 12
  • Luis Adriano said:
  • Nicole(: said:
    Hell Yea Baltimore!!! my hometown! sweet tunes(: Dec 03
  • veramacbel@yahoo.com said:
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  • rachel said:
    your music pretty great. i can'tt lie man. May 30
  • Deby Pink said:
    Hum *.* Perfect ^^ May 13
  • sarah said:
    loved this maaan *-* Apr 25
  • Nate da Wolf said:
    Cool. Apr 09
  • KatherineKayy said:
    Insanely Amazing :PP Apr 07
  • ●● Ashley said:
    www.purevolume.com/thedefinition00 Listen?? Mar 05
  • xX::cH@rm!n_Ch@0s::Xx said:
    Wowers!! You guys are kodos! Dudes, keep up the good work!! ^_^ Nov 29
  • Hani-Lou said:
    your pretty cool you need these songs as downloads too Nov 05
  • billy said:
    i miss josh harris as vocals Oct 24
    I LOVE YOU! Aug 07
  • Megan said:
    Love you guys much. I was just doing a random search and you guys poped up. I use to listen to you a while ago. Was surprised to find you again. Also, happy to be your first comment. Keep up the great work :] Aug 06
  • BlueRock Productions said:
    hey, we're a studio in baltimore just in case you're ever in need of a studio for a video or photo shoot. Jul 15
  • release the words said:
    Recher? Ram's Head? Fletcher's? Any would do. :) Jul 10