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Is Grace Enough


Genres: Screamo / Hardcore / Metalcore

Location: Ottawa, ON

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4 tracks

Members: Simon, Matt, Ryan, Alex, Will

!!! AUGUST 6/2012!!!

Alright so it's been a while...more like 7 years a while, but still a while.
In the coming month IGE will be re-issuing their debut 5 track EP 'Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die' through East End Industries, the album's initial distributor. Released initially in 2004, 'Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die' features the band's original lineup and vocalist Jon O'Callaghan.

We're received alot of requests over the years to make this EP available again to the public and are entirely stoked to have the means to do so now to finally get the cd out to people who want it!
Any inquiries involving how to place an order are to be sent to guiche0@hotmail.com
Thanks guys!

!!! JULY 26 !!!

IGE is disbanding.

IGE will be playing their final show in Deep River on August 13th as part of the RiverFest.

it sucks that we're breaking up, but each one of us is alot older than when the band first started, and things like school and money are starting to matter alot more than the good old high school days. so unfortunately IS GRACE ENOUGH will be disbanding to pursue their respective paths. we love all of you who came and gave us a listen. its because of the cool ass kids that we regret having to put the band to rest.

HOWEVER, Matt Ryan and our ex-screamer Alex have formed a NEW band. this is where things get exciting all over again.

After All Your Planets Done is the next step in metal/hardcore insanity. since the band is 3/5ths members of Is Grace Enough, you can be sure that we're bringing you that heavy shit. so come and check us out and let us know how you found us. we reply to EVERYBODY , so please come chat with us.


our legacy lives on! we love you all, please keep in touch and we'll see each other again soon.
-Matt and Is Grace Enough

!!! MAY 24 (sick weekend) !!!

what's up everyone, hope all your long weekends were as sick as ours. as you might have noticed, there is another new song up there. this one's called "Life and Loss Will Resonate". It's a bit heavier than the other new one, let us know what you think. you can talk to us here and also at our myspace.com/isgraceenough

we'll be in QUEBEC CITY next week. that's right, we're coming back and this time we're playing this new shit live and LOUD. we'll be opening up for the good folks from ROSES ARE RED, so if you're a fan of that band then you should definitely come on down. it's on FRIDAY JUNE 3 at L'ANTI on Abraham. we hope to see all of you out there.

your homeboys

Is Grace Enough


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    best friend's profile >>> www.purevolume.com/HelloJordan (helping him spread the word. haha.) Dec 21
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    best friend's profile >>> www.purevolume.com/HelloJordan (helping him spread the word. haha.) Dec 21
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    i fucking found u on monster0 account uhh ur fucking sick why the hell would u break up whats missing i play drums, guitar, bass, piano, dj hell yes! niggas! fuckin A Mar 15
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    Pretty cool music. Jul 06


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