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What Makes Diablo III Better than Any Fantasy Game Ever Made

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The gaming industry has known an impressive development over the past decade. An excellent variety of games have grown to be available, giving fans the option to select, depending on their preferences, between traditional board games, skill games, mystery games, tactical games etc.

The most popular genre remains, however, the fantasy/skill type, and Diablo game series has reached the hearts of gamers all over the world.

But, what sets "Diablo III" aside from any other games ever made? We could call it a trendsetter, given that it excels in most aspects, including music, art, writing, graphics, playability and others.

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It's also succeeded to set new difficulty standards. Gamers find obtaining the status of dominator in "Diablo III" a genuine challenge, describing it as far more complicated than the majority of the other competitive games involve.

It's very challenging even for the dominators of their previous two editions, who've to develop new strategies and use all their skills to remain alive, while leveling-up is also a tough deal, specifically for beginners.

Another impressive feature from the game is the player vs. player (PvP) mode, significantly enhancing the game's dynamism. The newest and one of the most discussed feature is the system of the dual currency ah that enables players to alternate the use of in-game gold with that of real world money.

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Since Blizzard is not purchased anything within the game, it is as much as the worldwide gamers to manage the game's economy. For example, the exchange rate depends exclusively how much money is introduced in the game and how players all over the world utilize it.

Besides skills, the game focuses also on strategy and tactics, so gamers who depended on skills alone are going to be surprised. They have to outthink their enemies and continuously develop new strategies to keep track of the dynamics from the game.

As a result, only the best players succeed being dominators. In this instance, victory has nothing or hardly any to do with time one spends in front of the computer screen. One explanation will be the proven fact that no old formulas work in the newest edition of Diablo.

Fans are thrilled too, as "Diablo III" impressed them with its exquisite design, the creation of Jay Wilson, magically complemented by Russell Brower's music. The original combination between the new "Diablo III" legacy and also the popular storyline make this game simply irresistible.

Posted Apr 25, 2012 at 10:53am