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  • Steve Smith said:
    Nice songs! Sep 02
  • Sophia said:
    Nice ! Jun 25
  • Sophia said:
    Nice ! Jun 25
  • sarah claude said:
    nice song Jun 22
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  • Eric Wilkes said:
    Hey guys! We have gathered a couple of original members and are looking at putting out a new CD! Sorry it has been a while but I am working on getting access to this account so we can keep you guys updated :) Apr 13
  • Anica said:
    Hey,You should give " Like Giants" a chance and check them out. Amazing music, & Amazing guys! Click Like, and tell me what you think. Pass the word, and tell your friends about them. thanks XOXO http://www.facebook.com/likegiantsmusic Nov 27
  • johnnybananas said:
    like the secret handshake, or just a poppunk/electronic fan? check out Reality on Holiday. A five song demo and a brand new single all for FREE download. this music will keep you moving and smiling. http://www.purevolume.com/RealityOnHoliday Dec 29
  • ermgirl babi said:
    love ur song Nov 29
  • Katherine[HaventBeenoninFOREVER] said:
    Just listened to one of your songs today, and im obsessed. Oct 15
  • Jessie said:
    ZOMG! your from ATLANTA! AHHHH rofl love you guys im from there! Oct 13
  • Saruhh said:
    you guys rock!! :D Sep 19
  • Bяok3ncyde36 said:
    love the music! when are you going to play at home? Jul 09
  • Break_the_Silence said:
    love ur music.:* Jun 19
  • kkie[beatdown] said:
    old esme!! Jun 15
  • Tabitha Hexx said:
    sexy gawsssyy Jun 09
  • Pixy said:
    yessssssssssssss it iz ear sex Darren iz right ! Jun 08
  • AnaNicole said:
    Love, Love, Love May 23
  • L@N3N@ said:
    you guys are awesome love make me scream!!!epic song=P May 11