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I Rival

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Genres: Rock / Electronic / Pop

Location: ATL, GA

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4 tracks

Members: Rick, Jonathon, Eric, Greg


Hey everybody! It's Eric. Sorry we've been out of the loop. It has been for a great reason tho. Back in March of this year, Johnathan and I decided to take some time off to write our first full length album! I would like to inform you that it was successful! It is currently in the production stages and we will definitely keep you informed as it progresses. We also have an I Rival farewell cd in the works as well as an all-star live band with some new and old members! Please don't forget about us! Big things happening in 2011! You won't be disappointed!

iRival is an experimental rock band from Atlanta GA. Fusing various aspects of rock and electronics, iRival forms a unique, yet driven dream like sound. Roadworthy and experienced, iRival is ready to change the direction and definition of mainstream music.


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  • ermgirl babi said:
    love ur song Nov 29
  • Katherine[HaventBeenoninFOREVER] said:
    Just listened to one of your songs today, and im obsessed. Oct 15
  • Jessie said:
    ZOMG! your from ATLANTA! AHHHH rofl love you guys im from there! Oct 13
  • Saruhh said:
    you guys rock!! :D Sep 19
  • Bяok3ncyde36 said:
    love the music! when are you going to play at home? Jul 09
  • Break_the_Silence said:
    love ur music.:* Jun 19
  • kkie[beatdown] said:
    old esme!! Jun 15
  • Tabitha Hexx said:
    sexy gawsssyy Jun 09
  • Pixy said:
    yessssssssssssss it iz ear sex Darren iz right ! Jun 08
  • AnaNicole said:
    Love, Love, Love May 23
  • L@N3N@ said:
    you guys are awesome love make me scream!!!epic song=P May 11
  • Linyunyou said:
    love u guys!!great music :D May 06
  • RawrItsDennis said:
    Amazing Music Guys :D! i love your guys style May 03
  • AnaNicole said:
    i'm inlove with you guys :D. May 02

Don't Wake Up

Apr 24, 2008


Hinkle, MS

Karlos Hills

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

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Bristol, United Kingdom


United States


San Francisco, CA

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Jude Andrieu

Paris, France



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