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Inward Eye Pro


Genres: Rock / Classic Rock

Location: Winnipeg, MB

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4 tracks

Members: Dave, Kyle & Anders

Thanks to a magical combination of genetics and the power of Mick Jagger, the Erickson brothers lived and breathed more rock & roll before they hit ten years old than most people experience in a lifetime. When they were barely old enough to read, the trio who would soon become Inward Eye Dave (vocals/bass), Kyle (guitar/vocals), and Anders (drums) were "dancing around in our underwear to the Rolling Stones' Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!" reveals eldest band mate Dave, now 24.

Youngest brother Anders recalls, "We become obsessed with our Dad's old vinyls in the basement. The Rolling Stone's "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out" is our introduction to rock n' roll, followed by "Who's Next", "London Calling", and "Something Else" by The Kinks.

As they reached their pre-teens, the Ericksons got their hands on Green Day's Dookie, which further ignited a shared desire to learn instruments and write songs fast. They scrimped up enough cash for a cheap Spanish guitar and squabbled over time with the instrument. By high school, they'd picked up a manager, and around the time Anders hit 15, the band started hitting the bar scene. "We realized we've been playing in this band for most of our lives and we've only ever played with each other no member changes.

After amassing a strong local following but without ever recording a note in a studio major labels came a knocking, and in the summer of 2005 the guys spent a week in New York City showing off their live skills. J Records was impressed and Inward Eye quit their grocery store jobs back home and began the arduous process of writing their first real recordings.

The result of their labours is the Inward Eye EP, which is stocked with powerful anthems that crackle with bratty energy and recall the swinging riffs, shouted chants and raw-nerve rock of their favourite bands.

Now audiences across the globe are getting a chance to hear Inward Eye's tunes and witness their super-charged live gigs. Fresh off a whirlwind tour of the UK, the trio is gearing up for next year's festival circuit, a return spring trip to the UK, and putting the finishing touches on their debut full-length. But there is one thing you won't find on the record: love songs. "We made a pact from the beginning," Kyle announces. "On our first album we're not going to write a boy/girl lovey-dovey song because we've heard it before." Plus, for this trio, brotherhood always comes first. "We are a true band. There is not one decision that is made by one person, it has to go through all of us, right down to notes I sing or a drum beat Anders plays," Dave explains. They have one last policy, too: "We can't repeat our road stories or people are going to go to jail."


  • luqas said:
    never herd of ya.. but if you like Rolling stones and all of them,then i like you. Apr 23
  • couragetofight23 said:
    album is so dope guys! Loved finding out about you when touring with Our Lady Peace. Hope to catch you soon. Dec 11
  • Chissy said:
    all about the EP! can't wait for the album to come out :] Aug 15
  • bri (; said:
    you guys are awesome live! Aug 07
  • Ariel, are you done going on my account? said:
    yeye Winnipegga ^-^ Feb 27
  • Not available said:
    i love your music style!!!! Feb 08
  • coryetzkorn said:
    THE CITY IS CONTAGIOUS: www.purevolume.com/thecityiscontagious Feb 02
  • coryetzkorn said:
    THE CITY IS CONTAGIOUS: www.purevolume.com/thecityiscontagious Feb 02
  • Kayleigh said:
    omg i saw you guys at the forks on ma birthday. you guys are awesome! Nov 17
  • ultimate_shortie said:
    Just another taste of the Winnipeg noise! (Yes I\'m talkin about acceptingsilence too!) Jan 22

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