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  • Jeh Vicente said:
    very good songs, i just love it :) Jul 10
  • LaLa CupCakes said:
    the garden is my fav! i like the music alot!! Jun 08
  • samalam said:
    you guys aren't bad! May 18
  • ♥Danni(Luvs His Baby Girl)♥ said:
  • Alice said:
    oh my froggin cookie jar, luuuuhhhvvv it. thanx fer the message ^~^ truly happy Apr 30
  • ♫Kylé! said:
    You guys are frigging awesome!!! Apr 26
  • Music Bleeds Thru My Veins. said:
    nice music. Apr 23
  • Kat said:
    you got a good voice. it matches well with the instruments. keep up the good work Apr 09
  • Lilian. said:
    its good, i like it, really. lml Apr 06
  • alyxAlternative said:
    sweet! like the stlye, "lovers" is amazing. Mar 31
  • Jess said:
    starting a message with "greetings" automatically makes you awesome. your music is fantastic!!!!!!! Mar 31
  • S h e l l-B e e . : said:
    Woh,the tunes are great! Keep it put (: Mar 31
  • fay-fay said:
    I'm glad you guys chanced upon my humble profile two times in the course of 18 minutes...haha. :P Now, you better release your unreleased album because your music is off the charts, blueprints, graphs.. you get what I'm saying. Pure brilliance. Mar 12
  • Joe The Hero said:
    Wow. Amazing. Good voice. Mar 10
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    it sounds lagit Feb 27
  • ┼ pHiLiP ┼ said:
    i like your song guys..!!! keep it up..,!!!! i love it Feb 27
  • ..::Jasper::.. said:
    good music :) this is stuff i can just chill to all day. Make the songs downloadable so i can listen to them when im chilling and so i can show my friends too :D Feb 27
  • Jules said:
    great work, but the massive block of text on your billboard page is a tad tooooooo long. i read the first paragraph and scrolled down, and just couldnt be bothered. maybe a short introduction? apart from that and the non downloadable songs , you guys are actually pretty good. Feb 27
  • Tori said:
    i really like this. and i LOVE the drums at the beginning of end game. great intro and catchy songs :) Feb 26
  • elizabeth contreras said:
    guys...honestly, your music is diferent...is like hard and passionate and with strong lyrics...loved the beat and the voice i great too!...checking you out later!! Thanks for sending me that message! Feb 25