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InterSys - Music In 3D (Out Now!)


Genres: Trance / Electronic / Psychedelic

Location: Acre, Israel

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4 tracks

Members: Omri Azran & Moshe Maman

InterSys, the new and kicking full on act from northern Israel. Consists of two burning minds of Moshe Maman (27) a classically raised prodigy and Omri Azran (23) a Techno wonder boy.

The two started brainstorming in the beginning of 2006 releasing tracks worldwide and collaborating and remixing the finest electronic acts in the world including: Alien Project, Space Cat, Sesto Sento, Bizzare Contact, Gataka, Ultravoice, Perplex, Michele Adamson, Tactic Mind, Electro Sun, System Nipel, Vibe Tribe and lots of more to come...

Spreading their infectious tunes worldwide, the two burned out stages in big events and numerous tours in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, Greece, Israel and many more.

InterSys live show includes live singing, keyboard, as well as the burning guitar of the talented guitarist David Malka and the illuminating vocals of Ella Doron - Giving the crowed a mind blasting emotional experience. Add to that the brain stunning groove machine Alex Rotman that adds his smashing drumming and beats making sure to keep you dancing even when you think you cant stand anymore. InterSys live show is definitely one of the most innovative and electrifying live acts in the scene.



Music In 3D

Mar 12, 2010

InterSys - Recharge

Jan 15, 2009


Buenos Aires, Argentina

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