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Interpol (unofficial)


Genres: Indie / Alternative / Rock

Location: New York, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Paul Banks - Lead Vocals,Guitar
Daniel Kessler - Guitar, Vocals
Carlos D - Bass
Sam Fogarino - Drums

Interpol. A name generally associated with international espionage, covert operations, and distant ports of call. Yet since Interpol, the band, swept up listeners with their 2002 Matador debut 'Turn On The Bright Lights,' the moniker has gained new associations as well. It still carries global recognition. For the past two years, one could hardly open a magazine, turn on a radio or television, or step into a nightclub, without hearing Interpol's dark, gripping songs or seeing their countenances. Despite this high level of media exposure, the quartet never lost the tension and complexity that won them acclaim worldwide. So it remains on 'Antics.' But what has changed, markedly, is the breadth of sounds, emotion, and characters at play in their music. Contrast the disc's stately opener, "Next Exit," with its swells of percussion and piano, and abrupt brush strokes of whammy bar, to the final track, "A Time To Be So Small," which pulls the listener in like a camera honing in on a great actor in the climactic scene of a classic film, the music building into a swirling vortex that suddenly dissolves into a quiet eddy and good night. After two years of seemingly endless tours... (For the full story visit-- www.myspace.com/interpol )

**visit the official Interpol site at www.interpolnyc.com**


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  • David AlanV said:
    definately an UNguilty pleasure of mine Nov 14
  • Daniek_infocus said:
    interpol bring me lifE, Nov 03
  • BOULEVARD 23 said:
    u guys are great.. i need to ask, who is Rosemary? Oct 02
  • cindie:) said:
    possibly the best band ever!!!! i love interpol their music, lovely:) Jul 22
  • ♥manda♥ said:
    Specialist is their best song ever!!! Apr 18
  • Premier Amour said:
    make me smile && play a show here in texas ok? lol Dec 28
  • Joe Miller said:
    Come to AK! Nov 15
  • O.o **Dim witted & Small Minded** @_@ said:
    white goddess, red goddess, white temptress of the sea you treat me right...........you are a cool band Nov 15
  • Geo Orellana said:
    Youu guys are Really amazing! greetings from central america :D Nov 03
  • Alana said:
    i love you guysssss^^ all time fave band of like...everrrrr! come to jamaicaaaa!!!! Oct 19
  • Indio Latino This is My Place said:
    I love ypu guys this music is THE BEST cuando vuelve a ARGENTINA.. muy bueno su show in my Country Oct 17
  • Monika said:
    Chcę więcej- I want more... Sep 20


Nov 30, 1999

Turn on the Bright Lights

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