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Genres: Christian / Acoustic

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

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  • dietas said:
    love this music, incredible! Mar 17
  • Ronie said:
    Incredible... Nov 24
  • Tina Mass said:
    Big Fan Here Apr 13
  • Sandrine Besteller said:
    Love this Music Mar 24
  • Rea said:
    Thank you for this! It sure spice up my prayer time, especially this time of lent. I just move here in California for about now. I just miss everybody in the community(Philippines). God Bless! ^__^ Rea Mar 06
  • Draugdurdil said:
    Your "Come Let Us Magnify the Lord" and "Here is My Life", are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you! Apr 08
  • Amanda said:
    Hi, I just wanted to post here, I attended the perpetual vows yesterday of Brother Clinton Reed of the Brotherhood of Hope and we sang "Here is my life" during the gift procession and I think it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard, the song just has everything that my heart felt in that moment but my own words failed me and that song just always amazes me! Thank you for writing it! Jul 15
  • Angelee said:
    I love everything. I hope you'll upload more songs here. :) Very useful for our prayer meetings. :) Nov 01
  • Thomas said:
    I especially like "Here Is My Life" and "By Your Steadfast Love". Apr 22
  • Sharee Roque said:
    Hi Ed! There is a way that songs can help us articulate what our hearts mean to tell the Lord. Your composition "Here is My Life" has blessed me. The title itself speaks of how I want to offer my all to God. And the lyrics - oh wow, they are a beautiful vessel to express my offering. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents to all of us. I pray a blessing for you in gratitude for how you have blessed us here in Ligaya ng Panginoon. (Philippines) Sharee Roque Nov 21
  • ed said:
    God bless Oct 19

in Spirit and Truth

May 22, 2007


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