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Genres: Alternative / Pop / Acoustic

Location: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

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Members: Zeki, Khai, Yoy, Azry, Deylah

Zeki (Vocal), Khai (Lead Guitar), Yoy (2nd Guitar), Azry (Bass) & DeyLah (Drum). Representing a local band from Brunei, INNERSENSE.. We may just be your average blokes doing what your average garage band does.. But our dedication and loyalty towards the band and the constant need to stive for that perfect song.. How people can connect with each other because of our tunes and how they can relate BECAUSE we're your average blokes.. Innersense isn't about cover songs nor is it about how the media depicts rock and roll or whatever the kids are calling it these days.. We play, we jam, we rock from the heart.. No matter how corny that we just made that sound, Innersense is about listening to what's inside.. And that,my friends, is what makes us so bloody different..

01) Innersense - Harapan
Music : Innersense
Lyrics : Innersense

02) Innersense - Arjuna Cinta
Music : Innersense
Lyrics : Innersense

03) Innersense featuring Grandpa Jones
Music : Grandpa Jones
Lyrics : Grandpa Jones
Ochestra : Grandpa Jones
Vocal : Zeki Innersense

04) Innersense - Tak Bisa Melupakanmu
Music : Innersense
Lyrics : Innersense

Wanna know more about us, visit our bLog at www.innersense2306.blogspot.com .. Hope you all enjoy the songs.. Thank You..

Regards - innersense


  • JeerahWandy301108 said:
    :'( Sad ahh Lagu Rindu & Angan... Uwaa~~~ I remember my lovely late dad if i hear this song... [Mis You My Dad]...:-( Keep up your good work innersense... Cheers~~ :-) Dec 10
  • msjr said:
    guys...i want to download ur songs...how to get it.. :) Jun 01
  • zim said:
    Oi! Guys good song =D If you want a skanking dude I can be the man ! hahaha =D much love and respect. LmRude. lzymdfka.wordpress.com Feb 26
  • nauffar said:
    im personely met them well they have good talent Feb 21


Nov 30, 1999


Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei



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