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Genres: Christian / Rock / Soul

Location: USA

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4 tracks

Members: Sara, Marcus, Charlie, Chad

LOVE, the name of the new, highly energetic and emotional record by inhabited (http://www.inhabitedtheband.com), is an album that truly lives up to its title. The record takes the listener through an emotional ride of real life experiences ranging from the tragedy of losing a loved one to the trials that come with following ones dreams. At the same time, Inhabited continues to blend in some of the unheard stories of the wounded they have met, in hopes to comfort those in similar situations, and inspire others to love the people around them that are hurting or in need.

While the album is highly missional in content, it also unveils the different stages of a Christians journey by exposing and confronting the frustrations, hurts, fears, passions, and losses that each member of the band undeniably went through last year. In the wake of their last major release, The Revolution, Inhabited experienced a mountain of hurdles, including the losing a family member, parting ways with some of their extremely close band members, and having to make numerous decisions knowing that these choices would ultimately determine the future of their lives. They basically had a moment of truth within the band, and had to ask themselves some very personal questions. They had two choices, they could either press on or be overcome.

Despite all of these barriers, Inhabited has remained determined to keep their course, as declared in their pop anthem-like track, We Will Live. It is at this song that we find one of Inhabiteds major aspirations for LOVE. It is obvious, they want this record to serve as an encouragement to the down trodden with the aim that it would enable the broken-hearted to raise a banner of Hope, and carry it through the hard, lonely valleys that life brings.

Ultimately we want this record to stir the listener to truly seek. We want them to hear and know the LOVE of God in a way they may never have realized. It is only His love that has strengthened [Inhabited] to press on through the thick and the thin, and if He can do it for us, He can definitely do it for anyone says lead singer, Sara Acker.

We live in a love sick society, where we continue to substitute a bunch a junk` for stuff that really matters, which always leaves us empty. It is our passion to love people, and meet them where they are, no matter who they are, just like Jesus did. And if we can do that, I believe we can change our world!

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  • grace said:
    i love you guys Feb 15
  • shanna;) said:
    u rok ;) Dec 29
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    Check out my youtube account account.... http://www.youtube.com/longboardskillz Jul 02
  • Sarah ♥ said:
    i'm glad i found you. awesome stuff! =] Mar 09
  • AKayWolfHaze said:
    hey. i chilled a bit with you guys when you were at Emmanuel camp. i finally thought to check if you have pv. hope you guys have been doing well. :) Nov 20
  • Bethanie said:
    well i have to say that you guys totally rock!!! Aug 21
  • Alexander the Great said:
    WOW!! I bought your new album and I cant get enough of it. It was worth the wait. God Bless you guys so much for your persiverance and strive to deliver God's Love in your music. I'm with you! Mar 25
  • outoftheditches said:
    love you guys can\'t wait for the new cd! can we preorder? Dec 23
  • this is an S.O.S said:
    First off..I love you guys! Your lyrics are so powerful!! :] Sara..I really love the e-mails you send out..they\'re so encouaging! :] Y\'all RAWK! :] God bless. Jul 27
  • Alexander the Great said:
    Hey Chad and I go to the same church. He plays for the band on some Sundays, when he isn\'t on tour with the rest of you guys. Jul 06
  • Alexander the Great said:
    Thanks amillion for putting up the song for download. You guys rock!! God Bless!! Jul 03
  • Alexander the Great said:
    Would you make some of your new songs avaliable for download via purevolume page? Jun 16
  • Alexander the Great said:
    You guys are awsome, thank you for the up date on your page. Love you guys God Bless! Jun 16
  • Cams said:
    you should head to the west and visit nevada! Jun 15
  • jar4007 said:
    yall played at my school a couple years ago in SL.. haha FBBA? yeah yall were great. .glad to see that yall got signed. God bless. May 23


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