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Inch Chua


Genres: Acoustic / Electronic

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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Members: one (wo)man show


Official *Scape Opening
15 June 2010
*Scape, Singapore


"Total and utter satisfaction is the death of an artist."

Inch Chua is just an average little girl from the sunny urban island of Singapore with nothing to lose and lots to share. Enjoys spending ridiculously long hours in home improvement and hardware stores. She loves playing boggle, savouring fresh hot peanut 'tu-tu' kuehs, fresh fruits in frozen yogurt and slowly sipping on shirley temples.

You might know her from the popular upbeat alternative rock act Allura (http://www.myspace.com/allurarock). Frontwoman Inch Chua steps out on her own to share a different beat.

Inspired by singer-songwriters such as Fiona Apple, Roisin Murphy, Shiina Ringo and electronic acts like Bjork, The Aphex Twin, The Postal Service, Inch's solo project is a clear departure from the boisterous rock singer she is known for. The material is a schizophrenic potpourri of introspective acoustic tunes and chirpy electronica. What remain unmistakable are the pint-sized singer's trademark powerhouse vocals.

So expect her to play some arpeggios on her acoustic guitar before hopping onto laying down some looped instrumentations to create live electronic music. Not saying it's a pure one-woman show, Inch invites the listeners to trigger off samples and be part of the creative process, incorporating audience participation into her set.

Her solo release, "The Bedroom", is now available for download at www.inchchua.com

For performance booking, enquires or further information, please contact Bookings Manager, Willy Tan at +(65) 97682123 or email willy@agingyouth.com or inch.chua@gmail.com.

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  • yilong said:
    Inch Chua, can i sx with u, i go to teacher my math no good. i make u happy k? Jul 30
  • valerie said:
    nice ((: Jun 12
  • Deadman_Living said:
    you sound soooo much like the girl in He Is We!! Sep 18
  • iheartmusic said:
    HI Inch! love your music so much! Sure to tell my friends bout this amazing music you created :) much love, Mary May 08
  • Dorky female said:
    Hey Yogurt Connoisseur. ^^ Just dropping a holler. You're amAzing! xx Nov 21
  • Stefanus Ian said:
    Could you PLEASE post your rendition of Toxic at the stardust finals?? IT WAS AWESOME!! :) Sep 24
  • Kyle McCue said:
    You Have A Beautiful Voice Can I Download Some Songs? Feb 25
  • ahmad khaliq said:
    bjork + fiona apple = inch chua! really love aqueous oblivion. its like the perfect track for a good morning,a beautiful track that sings you to a good sleep!and rainy days such as now.you're awesome! =) Feb 23
  • Muhammad Firdaus said:
    awesome possum. Feb 22

The Bedroom

Aug 24, 2009

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