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Ima Robot


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Pop

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Alex Ebert, Filip Nikolic, Scott Devours, Timmy Anderson, Andy Marlow

Do you remember Ima Robot? Think back three years. No, it wasnt a side project from those two dudes from Becks band, (although two dudes who play with Beck used to be in the band). Ima Robot is actually the glittering glam-tastic creation of Hollywood wild child Alex Ebert and his BFF Timmy the Terror Anderson. The pair met nine years ago under mysterious circumstances involving homemade hip-hop demos, but quickly evolved into smart-assed new wave agitpoppers who built a following around Los Angeles by spitting out manic, jittery art punk for kids with asymmetrical haircuts and skinny ties. Record labels liked them, but didnt know what to do with them. (Frequently overheard comment: What the hell is this!?) But Virgin Records saw the light, signed Ima Robot, and released the bands self-titled electro-pop debut, which led critics to use critic-y words like quirky and frenetic, (like the Cars on PCP, reckoned one) when they probably just meant spastic.
That was 2003. Before your Mom hummed along to the Killers in her SUV. In fact, you could say Alex and Timmy were ahead of their time. (Were looking at you Panic! at the Disco) So well say it: They were ahead of their time. Now Ima Robot have completed their second album, Monument to the Masses, which Virgin will release on September 12th.
Heres what you need to know:
1. The band now consists of Alex on vocals; Timmy on guitar and, um, flutes; Filip Nikolic on bass; Scott Devours on drums; and Andy Marlow on more guitar and keys.
2. The album was recorded over the summer with producer David Bendeth, whom Alex describes as an old dude who wore see-through tank tops and lightning bolt earrings, but looks to us like a more conservatively dressed fellow. Bendeth has also produced records for Breaking Benjamin, Dropping Daylight, and Antigone Rising.
3. The first single is Creeps Me Out, which is a true story about one of Alexs groupie/stalker girlfriends. It will prostrate itself before alternative radio on August 8th.
4. The albums first track, Disconnect, totally rips off Joy Divisions Love Will Tear Us Apart. We cant even front, it does.
5. Alex no longer rocks a mullet-fishbowl hybrid hairdo, but he was rumored to be kicking it at Coachella a few months ago wearing white MC Hammer pants.



Monument to the Masses

Sep 12, 2006

Search And Destroy

May 01, 2006

Ima Robot

Sep 16, 2003


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