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Genres: Christian / Rock / Other

Location: Pine Bluff, AR

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Members: Melissa Newman-Guitar, Brittney Mosher-Lead Vocals/Guitar, Jessica Frizzell-Drums/BGV

ilia, which members currently consist of Jessica Frizzell on drums, Melissa Newman on guitar, and Brittney Mosher on vocals and guitar, is not just a band. Ilia is a response to what a few passionate individuals see, feel, and perceive around them.
We believe there should always be a purpose in whatever you do. There must be sincerity, drive, intentionality. So as ilia progressed into something more than just a band leading youth worship, we felt that as the band got serious, so we should seriously think about why we thought we were called to travel throughout the world playing the music we wrote. It's not that we think we are innovative or impressive in what we do, though we believe that excellence is what we should always strive for. Our passion is that we want to see people changed.
The world is slowly being suffocated by Media. Media tells us that we are not skinny enough, we aren't strong enough, we aren't attractive enough. Our success is based on how big our TV is, what kind of cars we own, how much money is in our bank account, and how many people come to our shows. It's lies are constantly and consistently burned into us and it feeds us it's poison one drop at a time until we finally collapse; empty and taken advantage of and wondering how this happened and why it is happening us.
We are surrounded by people, all different, all unique. We constantly evaluate and determine a person's value by what they are wearing, what they look like, how they act and what they do. We deal with feelings of mistrust, the fear of rejection, the pain of what goes on at home behind closed doors and it is all carefully and neatly hidden behind metal skin. Sometimes our inner selfs leak out and we try to cover it up with a laugh or a smile or a well placed joke. Or sometimes we lash out taking our frustrations and pain and misery out on the people around us, because hurt people hurt people.
Our human condition is desperate. We are lonely and broken and do not have the strength to fix ourselves and are too afraid or proud to ask for help. We have this hole inside us that we so desperately try to fill with anything that will pour inside but it's no use, we find ourselves searching for something else. So we stand with arms crossed and hardened features daring someone, pleading for someone, to break past our defenses and find our souls within.
There is something so appealing about someone that is real isn't there? Truly real. They refuse to believe the lies that Media or anyone else tries to shove down their throats. They were shipwrecks, if you will, but they are hopeful of a different future that Media is causing the world to fall too. They stand tall, beautiful, authentic; broken but mending. They are honest about their faults, but are not controlled by them and instead of succumbing to the darkness they fight towards the light; they are fighting to find what it means to be human again. We are striving to be those people. This is why our new EP is entitled We Were Shipwrecks
Our hearts, our ears, our arms are yours. We are just as broken as you. We hurt and go through things just like you and would never try to lie to you saying that we don't. We are not above you. We are not below you. We are beside you.
We write and perform and connect so that maybe it would speak to you in some way that would invoke change, hope, action, or the lifting of burdens in you.
This is who we are. We are lovers. we are Truth Seekers. We are Freedom Fighters.
Our canvas is the world and our paint is music and melody and we will paint it with Truth, Love, Hope, and Justice.
ILIA (ill-ee-uh)- Hebrew, "God is LORD"

"Mixes melody and those crunchy metal tones that try to out-volume a Harley Davidson's muffler pipe." - HM Magazine

"With a slight commercial-metal sound, they add enough hardcore, and plenty of melody to make their sound widely enjoyable." - Uprise Magazine

"Their hard rock look flies in the face of what traditional Christians might find acceptable. Look at them but don't judge them. Listen to them but don't you dare pigeon-hole them. What comes across is their growing talent and spirit positive riffs and passionate vocals." - Unsigned The Magazine

Least of These
Seth Holloway


  • AsStrongAsDaniel said:
    Pretty cool stuff! I actually went to PB, AR this summer with World Changers, the church where we stayed at had such loving people! Nov 22
  • Hana said:
    Modesto Ca area misses you! Oct 04
  • Liz said:
    Why do you guys NOT have a recording contract? You guys are FREAKING AWESOME and you RAWK!!!!!!!!! You need to come to Colorado soon PLEASE!!!!!! Apr 16
  • CraigSnedeker said:
    Rock on! Apr 13
  • ♥Vivy♥ {DeathByTeacup} said:
    i fell in love withing the first 20 seconds! PLEASE keep releasing songs you guys rock!!!! Dec 02
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    You girls ROCK!!! no Joke!!!! Jul 18
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    Check out my youtube account account.... http://www.youtube.com/longboardskillz Jul 02
  • Liz *SceneNightmare* :) said:
  • gone forever said:
    woahh. incredible music. love you guyys, definitely what the christian hard rock world needs!! can't wait to see you guyys at lifest! Mar 19
  • I know, I know, my name is so cool said:
    WOW!!! you girls rock, saw you at yes fest tight concert...:) Nov 01
  • Scottface said:
    I saw you guys in Cabot at Solid Rock awhile back, your band is awesome. =]] Sep 12
  • Eric Dean said:
    wow i havent heard music this good in a long time i plan on seeing u on the sept 13th with Spoken and The red Airplanes! Aug 30
  • rex. said:
    i love you guys! i just saw u guys last night at bethel and you were AMAZING! god bless you all! Aug 27
  • [[Steph]] said:
    do you guys think that you could please please please put up Last Night. i'm not allowed on Myspace so I can't listen to it and it's my fav song of you guys =] god Bless and i hope you get signed soon =] Aug 17
  • [[Steph]] said:
    Massillon Ohio misses you like crazy!!! Aug 09

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We Were Shipwrecks

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