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Ignore the Sun


Genres: Acoustic / Folk / Pop

Location: Newport Newss, VA

Stats: 18 fans / 2,235 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Felicia Hoyos/Keith Allison/Stephen Hill

Ignore the Sun is an acoustic solo project created by Felicia Hoyos back in 2002. Today Ignore the Sun consists of Keith Allison on bass and Stephen Hill on drums.
We hope to be playing live shows by the end of February 2010. Please keep checking back for updates.

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  • katie*bugg said:
    wut uppppppppppppppppp hooeee =) i looove u mama Jun 26
  • Kristen said:
    Hello, my name is Kristen, and Im not even sure what i want to write here because, honestly, i have NEVER done this before...Never posted a comment to a complete stranger or anyone i know, for that matter, but anyway, i felt inspired to do so. I have been having the most amazing few days of my entire life.... You see, i was very low about everything, just a week ago even, and a little depressed to be truthful.. about what?...I have no idea, but then, thats the way that sort of thing goes for people like myself or my, "oldself," i should say......feeling bad = irrational thinking. thats what i believe at least and im not even sure why I am telling you this because, its not really the comment i wanted to leave. I guess i just wanted to give some REAL background info, so i dont sound like a crazy person, but just a person who has recently been enlightened and im doing things through inspired action recently...Which, is exactly what this comment is to me. There. Now, i found your sight today because i was feeling really good and felt like singin. (im a little embarressed writing that cause,this joyful, happiness thing is new to me). I couldnt get the song the little Mermaid out of my head! of all the songs in he world! haha..i love all kinds of music, yours very much too, but ill get to that. I decided to just go with it and went on line to get the lyrics for the song, believe it or not, cause i wanted to practice my singing. i used sing alot. In church and stuff like that, and it was something that made me very happy when i was young. I also loved the Little Mermaid too now that i think about it... this is weird. So anyway, i wanted to practice my vocals again, cause my boyfriend and i wanted to do an open mic-night at our favorite place soon. He plays the guitar very well and he's got a great voice. You would like him i think, judging from your music that I heard and your website. Once again, dont know why i just wrote that but whatever. sorry im just kind of laughin at myself here. ( im easily amused as well...hahah). ok, when i got to the websites for the vocals to "the Little Mermaid", you were the first link that came up, which in hindsight, is pretty weird. I just sat there and listened to your song and just kinda got that feeling you get, when you listen to something in a song that speaks to your soul? you get goose-bumps and a little choked up. I would imagine that all people have, at least, experienced something like that. hopefully you know what i mean. well your song "Spoke" to me very much. i feel i was meant to hear it and meant to write this comment. i dont know if its for your benefit or mine. (or both even). I dont know why or anything..but i would really like to know, if you wanted to email me, why you named that song"The little Mermaid." you said in the video, that i guess was done a few years ago, that the name of the song didnt make sense, and honestly im going to have to agree with you there,,haha. only because i kinda tried to decode it myself, but i have no idea why you called it that? I have a feeling, from the expression on your face, in the video, that you did and still do know why you named it The Little Mermaid. If Im right or not i would really like to get a response. i dont have myspace or face book or anything...so I set up an account. This is actually a REALLY cool site too. You never know when you will need something like that to communicate your thoughts with the world or to a particular person, as in this case....hahah. well hope i didnt scare you or anything. i promise that im just curious and really didnt plan this...kinda exciting though! and i have no idea why... haha. fun. Apr 27
  • RileyTheCoyote said:
    and OF COURSE the picture doesnt show... oh well.. its the same one i left on EVERYTHING ELSE! Oct 30
  • RileyTheCoyote said:
    I totally just MADE AN ACCOUNT HERE just so I could leave a birthday comment here for you... Whore. I Love You! happy Birthday bestie! Oct 30
  • blankmind3 said:
    i love your voiceeee =] Jan 15
  • Bug said:
    you are amazing. Sep 15
  • shaboom said:
    hey i am liking your music. you have a really great voice. i had a question : what type of giutar do you have? i really like the sound. is it acoustic electric? thankss =] Oct 10

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