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If Man Is Five


Genres: Metal / Punk / Experimental

Location: Binghamton, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Angela - Vox/Bass, Brianna - Guitar/Vox, Jeff - Drums

"The most original rock band in the region today returns with their second full-length CD, again recorded for the Black Azul label, at the studio of the same name. A new rhythm section, provides the foundation for Brianna Salazar's classically inflected heavy metal guitar work (NOT in the Yngwie vein, a totally different, and much more unusual, kind of classical influence is at work here) and Angela Timon's urgent, sometimes snarling, sometimes operatic singing. This is a band that takes its mission seriously; there's no funny stuff, no bullshit here. When Timon sings about pain, be it psychic, self-inflicted, or via an unnamed abuser, there's no doubt that she means it. The songs are often complex and venture into territory that other rock bands shy away from. Want a great party band? Best look elsewhere. Want something with real depth, a recording that reveals something new with each listening? Get this disc."

Blood Is The Ink Hate Is The Story $5


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  • jennifer said:
    Hello my dear how are you today I am Jennifer by name i saw your profile today and i peak interested in you i will like you to contact with this email address (jenniferand24@hotmail.com) after that i will send you my pictures Apr 02
  • zars7 said:
    Hi this is Brianna from If Man Is Five, and I wanted to say thank you to all of you for leaving us such nice comments. Thanks for showing IMIF love and support. xoxo, Brianna Apr 06
  • The Legendary Idiot said:
    Nice music guys! It sounds a little different from \"normal\" metal, and it totally rocks!!! Apr 03
  • Dahlia Odd said:
    VERY NICE!!! yeahhh!! Mar 09
  • HidingUnderbandaids said:
    found you on a random profile jump....still liostening to the first song. mmmm niice stuff. Feb 10
  • +Helena+Bass+ said:
    Such a Great band, Everything sounds so new!!! Very,very good!!!! I Love your work guys,and i\'m waiting you here in Brazil for a show,okay?!?!? Dec 27
  • Peasant_Chick said:
    A metal band with a Pixe trib name, I like you guys already. Nov 22
  • mckendo83 said:
    so...does the base player not have a left hand? Seems like her left arm is behind her back in a lot of pics and she plays the base \"lefty\"... hard to tell in these pics but i will go out on a limb and say she doesnt. if this is common knowledge i appologize, just started listening to them. Nov 22
  • OneStepLeft said:
    Nice Pixie name. Good Nov 21
  • mckendo83 said:
    If you go to photos and look at the second picture, she is clearly playing a bass...soooo they have a base player. Nov 20
  • said:
    I\'m deff going to ur show in Ithaca Sep 27
  • albhed999 said:
    I love your music. Your singer\'s voice reminds me of Kimberly Goss, and the guitar/drums sound great. You need a bass player, though, it would make it all sound much deeper (since I gather that\'s what you\'re going for). Aug 01


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