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Genres: Hardcore / Post Hardcore / Punk

Location: Clinton Township, MI

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4 tracks

Members: Brent, Ryan, Jeff, Dave, and Jim

Before bands painted themselves up like magazine ads and spewed out heartfelt lyrics of relationships gone wrong, before cookie cutter fashion core there was a time where bands wrote music with meaning.... one of those bands were i-defy.

i-defy was formed mid-1998 by five long-time friends. Since then they have performed live as often as possible creating their ravenous fanbase. Their crowds grew steadily and they began packing clubs with people who had been searching for this ingenious form of hardcore. Traces of early 90's hardcore and punk rock melded together by tight melodies; i-defy create music that would not be dated. The crowds grew rapidly as their DIY demo CD spread quickly throughout underground hardcore circuits and into ears the fed up youths across the country. The band sold hundreds of copies within the first few months of it's release. However, it was their explosive live show that caught the attention of Michigan-based Medea Records and they were quickly signed. Label backing seemed to be all the band needed to move forward.

They've created quite a buzz throughout their 5-year run, leaving a lasting impact throughout the hardcore music scene.
I-DEFY WAS: RYAN TILLY (currently with Cobalt Party Revolution), DAVE SESSOR, BRENT VANDEKERKHOVE, JEFF LOVE, and JIM DENOMME (currently with Hotness).




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United States


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