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Icon For Hire


Genres: Rock / Pop / Other

Location: Decatur, IL

Stats: 197 fans / 8,461 plays / 65 plays today






Members: Ariel, Josh, Shawn, Adam

Tooth & Nail Records have found a gem in one of their newest signings, the heavy alternative rock/modern pop trio Icon For Hire. The Decatur, IL-based band’s label debut, Scripted, will release on August 23. Already Icon For Hire’s debut single, “Make a Move,” is charting in the Top 25 on the Rock format.

Upon listening to the T&N debut, an immediate chemistry is noted between front woman Ariel, guitarist Shawn Jump and drummer Adam Kronshagen, coupled with powerhouse production from Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, The Almost, Acceptance) and Rob Hawkins (Fireflight, Philmont), the group sounds nothing short of innovative, infectious and explosive.

“We started up as being a rock band, which is something that will never change, but we had the chance to put over the top production elements that we never had the budget or skill set to do before,” notes Sweden-born singer Ariel. “Throughout the sessions for Scripted, we found ourselves developing heavy and brutal in your face moments, but also a pop sensibility. There’s a tension really between heavy rock and pop, but never at the expense where it would overshadow the rock side. The pop part is like the sprinkles on top of a cake, but the actual cake is rich, dark and heavy.”

The lead radio single, “Make A Move,” uses monstrous hooks to convey an empowering call to action to shatter the chains of complacency. As a further extension of that concept, Icon For Hire often shares at their merch table information about various social causes as diverse as the clean water crisis in Africa to the global epidemic of human trafficking.

“It’s easy to have a passive self-pity party when things aren’t going your way,” adds Ariel. “But when you see what people are struggling with in other places, it helps you realize things aren’t so bad in your life.”

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  • Emily said:
    AMAZING!!! LOVE IT! Sep 27
  • ♫ExquisiteHarmonies said:
    You guys' sound is magnetic. My metallic ears are so attached to it :) Jun 09
  • Adrian McLaughlin said:
    Amazing! You guys are great!!! May 12
  • jony said:
    really impressive! Apr 20
  • joe keller said:
    Can't believe no one is saying the obvious: sounds just like Paramore and unfortunately, sounds like they are heading down the same path (denying that they are a "Christian band") - great sound, nevertheless, but I hope they use their music for His purpose and glory. Apr 12
  • Jade (danger) Sixx said:
    wow. make a move is AMAZING. cant help but attck the "replay" :) Apr 12
  • Kyssee_KooKoo said:
    You guys are an inspiration to me, and my new band(: Thank you for rocking(: Also you guys have brought me closer to my mom(: Jan 25
  • Collyn Smith said:
    Love you guys! Get Well is the best!(: Jan 10
  • .:mak:. said:
    LOVE the new album!! oh my goodness :] bought it. love it. Aug 24
  • Tonyfan said:
    New Album Aug 22
  • You Are Luv'd said:
    Love you guys! (and girl).... great music!! Aug 19
  • Jacob Keith said:
    i cant wait for the album... but i have to... Aug 16
  • .:mak:. said:
    love! Jul 24
  • cory barton said:
    im a little sad that you guys say you do not want to be labeled as a christian band < as a believer we should embrace God and all that he offers not be ashamed of the labels that come with it. seems alot like when peter denied jesus 3 times i do not mean to judge but i love God and any one who does should stand up and say so. that being said you guys have a great sound....... Jun 03
  • Wazzman said:
    I was first introduced to them when they were just getting started....2008 as they played with my sons band. I was very impressed and have continued to follow them cause I knew that someday they will MAKE IT. Keep up the awesome work guys. Sep 16


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