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  • citylightstam said:
    best band. come to Australia yo! you can crash at my joint. Sep 27
  • MaryannJackson said:
    insta-fan :) Sep 27
  • David Lamar said:
    when i hit the lottery im making my own radio station and label and you guys will be one of the first bands to be signed and played on my station... i mean if thats alright with you guys. going to get the winning ticket today..... Aug 31
  • *Megan* said:
    100th fan! Woot! Love your music! You need to put a tour schedule up, I'm excited I'm on the east coast haha Aug 11
  • Alex! said:
    Hey, love you guys! :D Jul 14
  • platinum182 said:
    just got the free downloads from AP.net...you guys are so worth my time. hell, i would have paid for this. Jun 01
  • hayley said:
    love you guys so hard May 25
  • joshua heflin"throw dirt on me and grew a wildflower" said:
    nice sound man :D May 16
  • Ginny said:
    In the song This Song Is so... 2006, are the lyrics, "hard hard as the drums you're pumping the easiest way to escape from the world" or "hard hard as the drugs you're popping, the easiest way to escape from the world"? I really can't tell:) Apr 25
  • Alex said:
    You guys need to get featured! Good stuff. Dec 29
  • kate:) said:
    im surprised u guys only have 35 fans :O! Nov 25
  • CynthiAnberlin said:
    You're good ! :) Sep 14
  • |~kayluhhh~| said:
    hey guysss. heard that jeff from striving for better is your new singer..is this trueeee?? Jul 15
  • ManicKate said:
    hey guys looking for a band to play at my pary...if ur intrested get back at me so we can discuss prices...locations...and dates May 03
  • |~kayluhhh~| said:
    what were the names of the other bands you played with at the VFW like 3 weeks ago??? Mar 18
  • |~kayluhhh~| said:
    heyy. i heard that there is going to be another battle of the bands in the herfville skater's choice...is this true??? Mar 06
  • |~kayluhhh~| said:
    heyy. you guys were really good last night, (even though the mike like didn't work). thanks for signing my cd!! ahah. i hope i didn't like freak you out or anything. ahha. i just really like you guys. ahah. i'm def. coming next time you guys are around. Mar 01
  • |~kayluhhh~| said:
    wooo. i am going to your show at the vfw fridayyyy. wooo. Feb 26
  • maddskills749 said:
    put up running in circles and vacation =] Feb 21
  • maddskills749 said:
    I heart use Feb 20