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I Am Band


Genres: Rock / Indie

Location: Berrien Spgs, MI

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4 tracks

Members: Seth, Ted, Nate, Logan

In the summer of 2007, four musical engineers from Southwest Michigan teamed together to experiment with their training in performance and practice. Representing over 20 years of combined experience, these engineers designed blueprints for a project they named I am Band. This machine was created through the use of a combined lead and rhythm guitar (Seth Kissinger), progressive bass lines that pulsated with every note (Nathan Edwards), a dual wielding display of classical and electronic keyboards (Teddy Bermeo), and a full drum set strong enough to pull them all together (Logan Steely). I am Band is a musical workbench offering the listener a firm grasp on the familiar styles of todays artists while maintaining a unique and genre-expanding collection of fresh tunes.

Within six months of forming, I am Band assembled a full length album and displayed it at over 75 shows spanning eight states, prompting a move to Chattanooga, TN in mid-2008.
After a year of exploring their creative ingenuity the members moved back to Southwest Michigan in 2009, causing the loss of their drummer, but leaving the potential for new ideas and a refreshing direction. Logan Steeley joined the musicians three months later and began to integrate his own musical style into the framework of I am Band. Shortly after gaining a new drummer, I am Band released a six track EP and quickly started the process of working in untested waters to develop a new album.

During a second wave of touring across the Midwest in 2009-2010, the members of I am Band decided it was time to take a break from the road and develop other aspects of the music industry. Recording and production was priority and again. The engineers put themselves to work and built a small studio complete with the necessary recording equipment to record the beginnings their next album. Through the support of their local fan base in three states, I am Band continues to hone their live shows and record and produce their own music one track at a time; quality before quantity, my friends, quality.



Simple City

Sep 01, 2009