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Genres: Progressive / Metal / Electronic

Location: Taylor, MI

Stats: 377 fans / 21,855 plays / 26 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Phil Druyor, Shawn Reed, Brandon Good, Zach Felps, Paul Smith and Nick Sampson (Non-Touring)

*UPDATED 9/1/08*

Hey! This is the first time we have updated this since we got it almost a year ago. I seriously doubt that we will update or be checking up on this very much. We use our myspace as our main source of internet communication. BUT! We are going to use this almost as an "old song archive". So for all up to date news and information on us make sure to go to our myspace, and if you want to listen to anything that we used to have on our myspace then this is your place!!!


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  • StormShadow13 said:
    i love ur guys songs! from the first one i heard, u got me hooked! Nov 29
  • Nicholas Osborne said:
    I only like Heir to the Throne. the intro is nasty May 02
  • Paul said:
    What's up, old friends? Support: www.purevolume.com/paulsamotis Feb 14
  • Tanner (: said:
    this is really good!!! Jan 24
  • blaze said:
    you guys fuckin rock!! Dec 16
  • AaronB said:
    I dont understand why guys aren't more popular, your music is fucking amazing! Sep 15
  • discipleboy said:
    love u guys......finally found a band thats metal without the screamo!! Sep 02
  • Lexi Overdose said:
    Hooked on IAA worked for me... Lame. Aug 13
  • Bryden said:
    Just bought the new cd! I love it!!! I love the vocals when you sing "This is the survival of the fittest. Where is your savior now?" in "The Deceiver". Well done! May 26
  • The Liar, The Massacre & The Dirty Rumour. said:
    I love you. Fact. May 12
  • Chad said:
    definately sick music! Mar 28
  • alfaeka said:
    If you're into Electronic/Screamo & free music, check out PUREVOLUME.COM/IAMALFA Mar 27
  • Jennie Lee said:
    Heir To The Throne (the version with the prelude) is beautiful. I lovelovelove you guys :) Mar 21


Aug 20, 2008


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