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Hail Your Highness



Genres: Screamo / Pop / Hardcore

Location: Grayling, MI

Stats: 1,012 fans / 11,812 plays / 29 plays today






Members: Jessie Bobenmoyer, Niki Bobenmoyer, Mike Fiel, Trevor Lentz

Coming up to their debut full length album release Phases, Hail Your Highness is ready for the world to hear what they have to say. Combining multiple genres of music (screamo, pop, hardcore, metal, southern rock etc.) this band strives to be more than just your average labeled band. Hail Your Highness was founded by sisters Jessie [vocals] and Niki Bobenmoyer [drums] back in 06 and ever since then, they have strived to play music that touches peoples lives and makes a difference in the world today. Joining the girls are Mike Fiel [lead guitar] who came on back in 07, and Trevor Lentz [bass] the newest member to HYH, joined in March of 09.
The new album is a compilation of 4 songs off their 5 song EP Fatal Stares & Deadly Prayers released back in April of 08 and 5 brand new songs that show immense growth in their playing and songwriting abilities over the past year. Working with producer Allen Bondar of Dharma Records was an amazing opportunity for the band to explore their talents and really bring the record to life. -Al was great to work with, very encouraging, and pushed us beyond what we thought we could do to create a product we are very pleased with,- says Jessie.
Over the past year, Hail Your Highness has greatly increased their fan base and is making quite a name for themselves across Michigan. -It is very important to us to make not just fans, but new friends at all the shows we play,- the band agrees, -they are what keeps us going. If it was not for the kids who listen to our music and come out to shows, we would not be a band and that means a lot to us that they genuinely care about us and we love them so much for that!-
They have been able to play all over Michigan, from Alpena down to Sturgis, and just recently came off a 5 day run in Indiana. The connections that the band has made along the way have truly blown their minds. Connections like, not only with their producer Al Bondar, but also down in Atlanta, GA at Glow In The Dark Studios [Matt Goldman, Underoath] and in Nashville, TN. This year they played The Big Tickets Indie Stage, it was their second year back, and doubled the packed crowd they had from the year before which generated a lot of talk not only from festival goers but also among the bands such as Day Of Fire, Seventh Day Slumber, and Family Force 5 to name a few. Now, Hail Your Highness is working on booking an early Fall tour with a band out of Atlanta, GA who has recorded with one of the interns of Glow In The Dark Studios, Night After Dark.
-We are really looking forward to touring and playing more shows,- says lead singer Jessie, -we have had a taste of it and we are ready to take it to the next level.-
In all the hype of being in a band, first and foremost, Hail Your Highness strives to spread a message of love and hope. Through their personal relationships with Jesus Christ, they have been able to touch many lives and help kids going through their own personal struggles and trials. They take their experiences and turn them into very personal songs which kids these days can relate to. -You know you have done something right when kids send you messages saying that the songs you have written have helped them through many a tough time,- the band agrees, -it is more than we could ever ask for.-
Getting Hail Your Highness music and message out to the masses has become their and their teams number one goal. It is a sound that needs to be heard and HYH is willing to take the necessary steps to take them there.

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1. Stand For Nothing & You'll Fall For Anything
2. Whoa! Nebraska's In The Middle
3. Yeah Jezebel
4. Confront My Mom I Dare U!
5. The Untitled Song
6. 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish...SHARK!
7. Or So I Thought
8. It Is What It Is
9. Ian [Bonus Track]


  • Brooken said:
    Amazing! Jul 29
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    Ur guys and gals rock totally Jul 26
  • Jesse said:
    wicked intro to or so what i thought!!! hahaha nice! May 29
  • Deadman_Living said:
    the last song on here is AMAZING! May 20
  • Deadman_Living said:
    get a better recording and world look out! May 20
  • Oathz (twitter.com/MedusaHoliday) said:
    3/5 ^__^ May 18
  • Miss Panda:) said:
    totally worth every hour..:) i love you guys! May 02
  • Clunk said:
    Oh hell yess! Apr 28
  • sabaksumbadakam said:
    vocalist sounds like hayley. either way, it's still cool. haha Apr 07
  • ♥angee♥ said:
    amazingness!!!!!!!! Apr 06
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  • said:
    great music! jessie looks like hayley williams :)) Apr 03
  • gir001 said:
    I love watching you play. Mar 01
  • ShortCakes 웃♥유 said:
    amazing music!!:)) Feb 21
  • shelby :) said:
    omg, i love you guys. and even better your from grayling, just like me. i heard of you last year from a bunch of my friends that saw you at the matrix. but i love your music. Feb 18


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