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Seeking Safety

P.K.A.- hush it's a secret , the shadow effect


Genres: Pop / Punk / Pop Punk

Location: Watertown, NY

Stats: 42 fans / 10,598 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Michael ; Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drums/Composer/Producer/Engineer

This page hasn't been tended to in quite some time.. the page previously was a site that hosted music that I had written and recorded and featured musicians I no longer associate with or are no longer with us . Taking that music down wasn't intended as a stab to the back for them , but the final step in severing the one remaining thing that kept the memory alive, which was what some of them wished for; the absolute dissolution of the band and anything to do with it. So the music is gone , and I won't repost it , unless of course they were to ask me themselves . Otherwise , I have another more updates page on reverb nation, www.reverbnation.com/seekingsafety, which holds some really great mp3s, be sure to check them out . I apologize for the disappointment, complain at them
Video - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7jvVBBvlevmdzN6NjJCN29lQ2c/edit?usp=sharing


  • Christopher said:
    I get that you wanted to start your own thing, but why did you take down all your other stuff? It was all good, just wasn't put out there enough. Mar 27
  • Louise Anne said:
    I love you all! Apr 22
  • MichelleHrabbitt said:
    OMFG!....................... I've met Logan........... Dec 01
  • Sara said:
    I love how you guys use both of the female and male's voice together and separate and it just flows soooo well. I love this band (: Apr 18
  • Milehigh said:
    Is this the same Mike Robinson from Zero Tolerance? Dec 09
  • ellen! said:
    i love "rough demo-michael and keith". Jul 27
  • Stephanie LaCerte said:
    love the new song !!!! Feb 07
  • lisa lacerte said:
    wow love the new song keep up the great work guys Feb 07
  • Kelly Tiffany said:
    You guys are great!! Love the new picture! Jan 15
  • Christine Wadsworth said:
  • kirstyn said:
    ummmmmm I want to hear all the songs that you sang on the floor in the middle room.. Dec 06
  • larkin said:
    phenominal, in every single way. Dec 01
  • George said:
    ;) love it. beautiful in every way. writing is amazing! Nov 21
  • Christine said:
    Wow. Amazing. Lyrically, vocally, instrumentally... AMAZING! You all will do great things. Nov 19
  • colleen said:
    Amazing,Wish you all the best! Nov 18


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Louise Anne

Huntsville, AL

Makenna Wolf

Radcliffe, IA


Hesperia, CA


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chad the Dark Prince

Hernando, FL

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