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Hush1 "A Moment of Silence" Available on iTunes


Genres: Rap / Hip Hop / Hardcore

Location: Oakland, CA

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Members: Hush1

Emerging from the misty gun-smoke of the streets of East Oakland, a young poet and metaphorical oracle by the alias of "Hush1" is gradually making his presence known. With already a couple mix-tape CD’s out, first music video “Pa La Gente” (For the People), and his first album “A Moment of Silence” available on iTunes, Hush1 is proving to be much more than just ordinary talent from around the block. With aspirations of coming up as a successful rap artist, Hush1 sees music as his crutch to get up from the bottom.

“Hush1”, whose real name isn’t really important, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and raised in Oakland, California. Brought to the US as a toddler, Hush1 has lived practically all his life in Oakland, absorbing the hussle and lifestyle of the Bay Area, while still preserving his Aztec roots alive. Having a connection of both worlds allows Hush1 the versatility of being able to be verbally artistic in both Spanish and English.

Although, Hush1 is absolutely talented and has lots of potential, being a Hispanic rapper has its setbacks due to stereo-typical assumptions. Many primarily assume Hispanic rap artists in general tend to be gang members or promote gang violence through their music, so they don’t bother listening at all. This stereo typical assumption only undermines Hispanic individuals like Hush1 who clearly doesn’t “bang” and actually speaks the opposite. Hush1’s songs like “Pa La Gente”, “Guerrero”, “Colores”, and “A Message” contain lyrics that focus more on unifying Hispanics. One must take the time to listen. Overlooking the lyrics of an artist just leads to misconceptions; one could hear to the beat but miss grasping the message.

Never seizing to amaze, Hush1 does more than simply write and record his lyrics, he also produces beats for his tracks and for fellow rap artists. Hush1 maybe unsigned but shows he doesn’t need to rely on a label to back him up. On his own, Hush1 continues to learn ways how to market and promote his music as well distribute his music. “Music is my hussle” Hush1 says, opening his backpack full of his CD’s. By burning over hundreds of CD's, making sure never leaving home without a stack, he gets his music to the public.

A "whole army rolled up in one soldier" would best describe Hush1 as an artist who makes moves on his own. His drive to succeed is what keeps him going. Where many have failed and gave up, Hush1 keeps moving. When doors have been closed on him, he has found another way around. Despite the many challenges and setbacks this rap artist occasionally faces, he continues to keep determined with a positive demeanor. Every time a negative statement was made, every time he has been underestimated, he has proved them wrong and continued to come out harder than ever.



A Moment of Silence

May 10, 2010

Tha Mixtape Vol 2

Nov 22, 2008