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Human Flight Committee Pro


Genres: Indie / Rock / Progressive

Location: Windham, NH

Stats: 219 fans / 27,395 plays / 38 plays today






Members: Aaron, Christopher, Garret, Chris

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Very few acts can bring words to the breath of their enraptured live audience like mind-blowing and unmatched; the Human Flight Committee has done just that. With uncompromising energy and pertinacious drive, the band didn't creep onto the New England music scene in 2002, they exploded. The group has maintained their ambition through lineup changes and other expected struggles; in turn, making them one of the top drawing bands in New Hampshire. The bands unwillingness to adapt their art for what the popular sound may be, has made them elite among the common outfit of independent rock. Expanding their fan base to a national level, they've been on many tours including a supporting tour with Triple Crown Recording artists The Receiving End of Sirens, and completed their first headlining tour this past summer with She's the Car. They've played multiple tour dates with bands including mewithoutYou, The Junior Varsity, Bleed The Dream, and The Firescape, as well as sharing the stage with acts such as Q and not U, Norma Jean, Engine Down, Spitalfield, Action Action, Gatsby's American Dream, Haste The Day, Silent Drive and many more. The band has also performed at several large festivals including Warped Tour, Cornerstone, Inside Out Soul Festival and Fall Quest. With a sound capable of fitting comfortably with so many various genres, doubled with the 2005 release on Renfield Records of the EP, "Small Business Solutions", it is no wonder that the band acquires new fans daily. The current lineup consists of Aaron Shelton (lead vocals and organ), Chris Shelton (vocals and bass), Garret Henderson (drums), and newest member Chris Alfieri (guitar), leaving the band dynamics stronger than ever. Energetic tracks like newly released Tint and Quarantine and the epic "The Five Second Saga", are quenching the often insatiable desire for a sound refreshing and radical, in an otherwise typical and patterned scene. Fans new and old are finding themselves taken by the sights of the bands explosive live show, complete with crucial vitality exuding from all four members. With a singer that is likely to climb anything within confines of the stage, or leave the safe-zone and literally grab you by the arm and shake you into the submission of his words, "And now we dance!", who knew this kind of undying loyalty to expressive music still existed? For the Human Flight Committee, it came built-in. With intentions of taking the show national on a more regular basis, the band is touring often while searching for the right label. With multiple tours in-the-works for the approaching 2006, there is no doubt that the year will be a flowering one for their growing fan base. Currently, the group is writing often and continues to pack local shows with a loyal and eager audience; as well as naive newcomers unprepared for what will detonate when the lights go down.


get the original HFC EP

"Small Business Solutions"
available on iTunes.


"The Revolution Will Begin
In The Blink of An Eye"
featuring "The Five Second Saga"
from Mono Vs. Stereo Records.


  • Snuggleblade said:
    Free Song Downloads @ purevolume.com/snuggleblade Feb 12
  • Josiah Large said:
    i just bought "oh when the animals unionize" and it is freaking epic. its simply amazing!!!!!! good work guys! Oct 08
  • Proud_Veg_Head said:
    missed you guys @ soulfest. i almost cried. hopefully next year??? Sep 09
  • live-laugh-love said:
    nnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccceeeeeeeeeee Aug 20
  • .MelleAri. said:
    I lllooooooveeee you guys. like lots. mucho. Jul 07
  • abbeyrose said:
    awesomee Jun 26
  • Amber. said:
    i love you. May 16
  • Josiah Large said:
    dude u guys r good i used 2 go 2 church with garret:laugh Apr 09
  • benbkr said:
    u guys r sick love the guitar part to the beginning of Tint and Quarantine Aug 30
  • queenjealousyenvy said:
    jadkfa;k I love you babies. see you soon hopefully, Aaron, i have a birthday card for you... yeah. ha Aug 13
  • shinexyourxammo said:
    amazing show at soulfest Aug 08
  • Makemorenoise said:
    Soulfest was amazing. Hope to see you guys again next year. Aug 07
  • rockwrestlerun said:
    hey u guys r awesome!!! Apr 26

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