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  • R A I N B O W M U F F I N said:
  • girl_named_nothing11 said:
    u guys r awesome i got to meet you a few months ago. you freakin rock! Apr 11
  • girl_named_nothing11 said:
    these guys are the coolest i saw them w/ breaking b and godsmack Apr 05
  • SilversteinxxLlama said:
    i love you. saw you with sevendust at myrtle beach hob. Feb 07
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    Hello, I would love it if you could be a fan of mine. Could you please listen to my music? If you are interested then go to www.purevolume.com/kylewallace -Kyle ps. i\'m liking your sound Feb 01
  • SilversteinxxLlama said:
    i love you guys Jan 07
  • said:
    you guys are awesome i went to the Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin concert at pershing in lincoln NE you guys F***ing rocked Dec 16
  • kittikat_16 said:
    hey, its gen. saw you guys at the grand rapids concert w/ breaking benjamin and godsmack. we\'ve been handing out the stickers and stuff, and we got a lot of our friends interested in you. you kick @$$!!!!! Nov 06
  • rockin_gigglez09 said:
    i just heard of this band! aren\'t they sweet?! Oct 31
  • said:
    I saw you guys at louisville gardens, You signed my frined devins jeans, You guys ROCKED!!, Oct 30
  • said:
    I saw you guys at the Louisville palace, with breaking Benjamin and Godsmack, You signed my friend devins jeans, anyway you guys ROCKED!!!, hope to see you guys poform in louisville again soon, Oct 30
  • Chris_Chessie said:
    Kick Ass concert last night at the civic center Oct 22
  • Beautiful_Little_Lie said:
    yall rock when will yall play in san antonio TX Oct 04
  • JasonDiNo said:
    You guys freaking rock i need to get one of ur cds if u have any Sep 20
  • Baby You Got Me All Wrong said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 30
  • iliketodrawonmyshoes said:
    today i jsut discovered you guys. i love you!! =) Aug 29
  • Inferno1537 said:
    First time for me and I would buy your stuff! Aug 29
  • said:
    COOL... Aug 28
  • said:
    COOL... Aug 28
  • Jefersson_lasombra said:
    hey guys i like ur musica... electronicore simply the best!!! Aug 28