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Hot Robots

The POWER of The Who! The PASSION of The Clash! The SPIRIT of Guided By Voices! All parts of the machine that is HOT ROBOTS!


Genres: Indie / Rock / Powerpop

Location: Denver, CO

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4 tracks

Members: Jimmy Image - Vocals & Guitar, Eric Loud - Guitar & Vocals, Paul Childs - Guitar & Vocals, Max Summer - Bass & Vocals, Danimal - Drums & Percussion

Inspired by their mutual admiration for The Who, Guided By Voices, Cheap Trick, The Clash, Big Star, The Replacements, and Teenage Fanclub among others, vocalist/guitarist Jimmy Image (James Leo) and guitarist/vocalist Eric Loud (Eric Lowe) formed Hot Robots in November 2007.

A conversation over drinks about Sci-Fi cult films, THX-1138, Bladerunner, and Cherry 2000 provided the name for the band, as well as its purpose. With Pop Art in mind, their logo would feature a bar code (a likely state provided tattoo). And if the world would act, as robots, then their music would be the music of defiance, in other words, heart-on-your-sleeve rock & roll. The world, they believe, needs three-minute songs with loud guitars. Plugging in for the unplugged, so to speak. This would also offer proof that they were drinking when they thought of this.

Veterans of the Denver music scene and friends and neighbors for many years, Leo and Lowe made their Denver debut as Hot Robots in January 2008. A year later, the group self-released an album, Built To Tilt, to positive local reviews. However, after enduring a number of line-up changes since the band’s inception, Leo and Lowe would refocus and regroup in 2010 adding Paul Childs (guitar), drummer Danimal (Dan Gilbertson), and bassist Max Summer (Matt Sumner) essentially rebooting and starting over.

This restart would in turn yield, All Alone Together, an album whose songs were recorded by the band in their rehearsal space, and are essentially about being a Hot Robot.