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Kids can be lively, messy, and filled with imagination so it's important to keep all those things in mind when decorating a space meant for children. Not only if your decorations be fun and age-appropriate, they need to likewise be able to face up to (and, in some instances, have the ability to hide the aftermath of) a whirlwind of activity. The following are some ways to incorporate fun and functional decor in your home and accent pieces into kids' rooms.

horse wooden toy chest

Corralling The Toys

Whoever has ever stepped over a toy block in the dark knows the value of using a toy box to keep a kid's toys inside a set location. These boxes needn't be strictly utilitarian, though; parents can use stylish decorative boxes to both house toys and serve as accent pieces, not only in kids' rooms but during larger shared living areas. In shared living areas, large leather trunks or upholstered storage ottomans perform both as toy chests so when decorative elements in the room. In kids' rooms specifically, boxes decorated with bright colors or covered in fun fabrics can brighten the area. Much like decorating every other room of the house, decor in your home and accent pieces in the kid's room should also expand upon the infant's personality. As an example, a kid with an adventurous spirit may have a toy box that resembles a treasure chest (just like a wooden chest or even the aforementioned leather chests).

Selecting Sketches

Framed art can tend to be formal than artwork that's more free standing so the casual, fun air of your child's room lends more to wall hangings, sculptures, or any other similar decor and accent pieces. Spelling out inspirational words or the child's name by hanging decorative letters on your wall is one way to brighten the walls of the child's room while still having a great time. A kid with a sensitive, caring personality might enjoy metal wall art depicting animals like horses or dogs. An inspired child who loves story time might love the stories he may find hidden inside a tapestry depicting a fantastical or medieval scene.

Making Wise Fabric Choices

Since children could be messy it's a good idea to incorporate fabrics or textiles into a room that are stain resistant and have patterns. Patterned throws, for instance, may be put over furniture in the kid's room (or in larger shared areas) to both add color and interest and mask stains. Patterned rugs are also best for this purpose and may provide a child a secure "island" upon which to play. Where kids are concerned, it is good to decide on decor and accent pieces upholstered in easy-to-clean and stain-camouflaging fabrics.



Posted Aug 28, 2013 at 9:00am