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Horseshoes and Handgrenades


Genres: Rock / Other / Alternative

Location: San Diego, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Connor (bass), Peter (drums), Brendan (vocals, guitars), Jeff (keys/piano), Anthony (vocals, guitars)

Hey, thanks for checking out our music. We're Horseshoes and Handgrenades, a very new band at Point Loma. Welcome to our dumb site. Please email me and tell me about you and what you think. Enjoy the songs, feel free to be our friend, post comments, and send me emails or whatever. Later,

Shirts are available for only $7, and they're only $5 if you buy a cd with it! Come pick one out. We have 4 different colors, and every shirt looks different. Design by Connor and Travis Ring. New shirts are coming in soon... keep posted.

We have our Demo CD's now! They have 5 hit songs on them plus brilliant artwork all for only $5!!! Email me if you want one, and we'll send it to you or give it to you next time we see you! Track list: 1. Found In You 2. Ice Ride 3. Prelude in C Minor 4. Station 5. Kingdom (acoustic). All of the songs are re-mixed and mastered. Pick one up today!

We just printed some pretty awesome H&H posters. They are only $2 and they are 11"X17". Beautiful prints. Plus you can get it signed by the band! Sharpies for sale at $27.99 each. Not really.

Hey guys... incase you came to our concert and heard some new songs you didn't have the lyrics to, here they are. We had two new ones: Awake and Kingdom

awake, cast the dim before the day
match the night
pray. where's your will because there's the way
recross this line
jump or fall
none or all
farewell to your self-sovereignty now
let's begin,
not make amends
and break the silence of a shallow heart
restrain... the recursive burns decay
dissolves the right
stave the complacency retained
commend the fight

well under the weather, wrapped tight in unwet
she shoulders the burden: umbrellas her head
rays above thick clouds, she pines for that day
though standing in daisies soaked in the rain
i want to live a life where i can say
the kingdom is today the kingdom is today
i'm living in a world that's full of grace
the kingdom is today the kingdom is today
wash away your tears and don't look too far west
because it's already come, but not fully yet
this earth is scarred with wounds, but it won't be too long
see the rain fills the cracks. Come Spirit, come.
i want to live a life where i can say
the kingdom is today the kingdom is today
though i'm waiting for a world that doesn't fade
the kingdom is today the kingdom is today

eternal life is more than distant rays
the kingdom is the rain the kingdom is the rain
emmanuel means he has come to stay
the kingdom is today the kingdom is today

Ignominy of Grey
slop splat, what is that?
your paint is spraying up my back
the lines just blur together when your dye's so watered down
with wide brush strokes you've learned to cope
a soiled canvas, pass the soap
call it abstract maybe and you'll never feel left out
dear friend, you can justify this to its deepest end
until all your colors run
you know he will rectify the worst of what you've done
but you resort to grey, the ignominy of grey
you score under par
becuase vindication's got you far
it's hard to change direction when the road's already paved
but wait what is faith?
instead of honor, you plan for grace
call it strength through trials and you'll never turn around

You Are
I'm searching, searching
I'm not wise enough to navigate the dark
I'm trying, trying
but I'm not good enough to eradicate my scars
But you are, you are, you are
I'm crawling, crawling
I'm not strong enough to carry all this weight
I'm reaching, reaching
I'm not powerful, I can't take this all away


PS: all our bios and song info are now in a space-saving blog (Jan. 1)


  • lolalover12 said:
    hey guys! i am going to be a motionet(sp?) at kids games and i had the cd. the songs are awsome so work hard. cant wait to hear you guys play again! p.s. my last name is MerrYman not i Mar 04
  • KingMonkey said:
    You guys are so awesome! Keep up the good work. Feb 03

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