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Genres: Hardcore / Rock

Location: Braceville, OH

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Members: Kyle Hoffman

HonestKyle is not just the name of an original post-hardcore band, but the alias of a solitary musician named Kyle Hoffman living in Ohio. It's the strength of this single composer, creating for an entire band, which catches the casual listener off guard and raises eyebrows of inquisitive production companies. With his musical experience spanning from high school marching band to multiple battle of the bands awards to an appearance in Alternative Press Magazine, the musician behind HonestKyle has ran a large length of the playing field.

The aim of Kyle's recent efforts has been to escape the boundaries of a solo artist and translate his music to a live performance on stage with the help of other enthusiastic and skillful musicians. Spending every free evening that he has to punch out tunes for his suspenseful album release, HonestKyle works diligently to sculpt a sound that broad audiences will find appealing and inspiring.

Since a common loss to previous groups that Hoffman was involved with appeared to be from lack of publicity and promotion, Kyle puts a great deal of energy into his use of networking and social media in hopes of broadening his fan base and creating important connections in the music industry.

HonestKyle began as a side project and a way to kill time alongside Hoffman's full band participation with Let All Prevail in 2008. As his song-writing contributions to the group began to lessen due to the increased involvement of the other members, Kyle found many of his songs falling on the cutting room floor rather than being performed on stage.

Taking lemons and making lemonade, Kyle decided to save these songs for his own personal use instead in hopes of building up a solo album comprised of his own work. Even through the span of his following band, Wake the Lion, HonestKyle was still in the background, growing with each new, riff, melody, and recording.

Now, that Hoffman finds himself without a band or other musical obligation to assist, he spends the majority of his free time preparing for the live release of his to-be-announce album and brining his achievements full circle. Until then, merely listening to his free releases is enough to bring strong emotions and a new musical obsession into any listener's heart.

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