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Hollywood Zombie Club [H.Z.C.]

NEW SONGS!!! And there's more to come...


Genres: Electronic / Screamo / Hip Hop

Location: Los Banos/ Morgan Hill, CA

Stats: 141 fans / 3,582 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Jonas & Jakobii

New EP Coming Soon...
Includes the following songs: "Idaho" "23" "The Life" "Annie" "DITSL" and "Tylor's Song"


  • Anjelica Guerrero said:
    I love you ! I honestly fall asleep to your music everynight. ;D Dec 25
  • Trae said:
    dude long time no talk broskies!!!!!!!!!!!! love the new songs you should text me my number is the same. May 14
  • Ronnie_Julliet said:
    hey where can i get a cd from yew guys? D: i saw yew play at the u.s theatre [: Mar 23
  • Just_Me_Isaac said:
    you guys rock yous are like my fav Nov 09
  • SILLYZAVIE said:
    you guys got ALOT better, i knew you guys could do it Oct 11
  • dannyboy said:
    love the newer version dude!! i got to know when you'll come out with a cd Aug 03
  • C@!+/y^ said:
    Good music boys! :) Jul 01
  • Trae said:
    Dude you guys the new song is off the hook like here is the the hook and you dudes are off of it lol Jun 26
  • celeste : ) said:
    hahaha.... amazing! Jun 25
  • getinspiredd said:
    you guys are really good =) Mar 10
  • Matty said:
    i like very mucho :] Mar 09
  • LittleMissLovely said:
    I love this music. Its a border line obsession for me. Its hypnotic and controlling..... Jan 23
  • V-anne-AHHH! said:
    COME TO MINNESOTA! i love you guys you are muh obsession! Jan 08
  • Simply Shannon said:
    I like ur music its great :) Jan 07
  • ChannyTheFanny :3 said:
    This Is radd! I luv how it has a diff sound, its awesome =] Jan 07


Dec 03, 2008

Fighting Sleep Demo

No release date


Bitburg, Germany




Covington, WA


Chadbourn, NC


Richland, MS

Priscilla Foshizz

Wake Forest, NC


West Sunbury, PA



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