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Added Sep 18, 2008



Comments (10)

  • mRalix said:
    completely righteous! love the mystery... Aug 02
  • chey said:
    gahh sexyyy Jul 20
  • Felipe Rocha said:
    nice mask's hahaha May 24
  • lpapaya said:
    ive seen all of you without your masks! :P you guys were absolutley amazing at croc rock in allentown. Apr 29
  • jay[[meh]] said:
    i fuckin love you guys especially duece and johny 3 tears!!!!!! Apr 01
  • Lauren said:
    This is definately my favorite pic of you guys. I'm putting it on a shirt I'm making for you. Keep it up you all are my favorite band ever! Mar 15
  • hhhaylee! said:
    why do you wear those? Jan 07
  • Jared C. said:
    the look is bad ass... kinda reminds me of slipknot... better sound though Dec 15
  • candace said:
    hmmm r u guys hotties underneath ur masks?? ;) Nov 20
  • HillaryHAVOC [Back in Black] said:
    I want to see your beautiful faces! Sep 25