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Genres: Screamo / Indie / Post Hardcore

Location: Concord, NH

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4 tracks

Members: Joseph Jensen, Brian Perry, Brendan Clogston, Patrick McDonald

Hollywood Blacklist is no longer together.
This is what we are all doing now..

Joe--- She And I--Myspace
Brendan- Citadel--Myspace


  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Oct 10
  • The Truth Unveileds Little Promoter said:
    your music is good it sucks your not together anymore http://www.purevolume.com/thetruthunveiled Feb 03
  • Ria- Hun x3 said:
    Wow. Seems alot of awesome bands are splittin. I'm just glad you guys kept your page up so people get a chance to hear what great stuff you guys made. =] May 18
  • said:
    you guys were a great band. sad thing cute boys had to break up. Nov 30
  • musicsavesthesoul said:
    it sucks that you guys broke up!!! :( but thanks for keeping your page up for us May 08
  • MISSagony_canHxCdance said:
    its pretty sad that you guys split up. :/ but thanks for keeping your page up so people can listen to your music. :] Feb 22
  • HALFpastNEVER123 said:
    hey guys you up for an iinterview halfpastnever123@yahoo.com Dec 13
  • said:
    hola! i love your guys\'s music! nd i can\'t get any of the AIM links to work so do you think i can have your sn? [nd btw*, the guy w/ the kinda really long hair is hot [[:] Jun 26
  • said:
    hey you sound like taking back sunday... thats rad May 27
  • ponastump said:
    Its makes me sad that you guys aren%u2019t together anymore, but I guess, if you of you isn%u2019t into the band anymore, then, ya know, why be in the band... but thanks for making the music that you did, loved every single song. May 19
  • xAleux said:
    Friggin hot. May 04
  • ponastump said:
    you guys are awesome! can\'t wait to see you at the the skatepark. May 04
  • said:
    really good May 03
  • Saddistic Dresser said:
    ahhhh! in fucking credible. favorites favorites favorites May 03
  • breathless.for.you said:
    AMAZING STUFF!! i love it! expessialy solitude in a swiss army knife. awesome song. KEEP IT UP YO! Apr 29


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