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(H+) M.S.G.


Genres: Alternative / Electronic / Experimental

Location: New Britain, CT

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(H+) M.S.G. is a genre onto himself. To start things off the (H+) in his name is actually pronounced acid not H plus but he does respond to either pronunciation. He has been called everything from eclectic to disturbing to poetic. He isnt really sure what he is, but he believes in the importance of being different. So different that perhaps he should try to taper off a bit. That unfortunately is not likely to happen. At points in his life he has played enough instruments to form a band by himself. Drums, Keyboards, Bass guitar, and most recently mandolin have all been a part of his life for at least a short time. But while he loved all these instruments he never felt able to make satisfying music by playing them himself. This is the reason that he turned to fractal music and MIDI to create many of his songs. His Lyrics are poetic and often based on dreams or situations that are better left unsaid. His voice is kaleidoscopic and he is working to develop it across a broad range from bizarre creaky shrieks to breathy intoning to his natural singing voice (which is more or less Bass-Baritone). In any voice he tries to keep the lyrics as intelligible as possible because words joined to music is what he lives for.

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A Nightmare of Mars

Nov 30, 1999


No release date


San Jose, CA


United States

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Delhi, India

Pedro Norris

Manchester, United Kingdom


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