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Members: Lee Rothman

I am Netzarim and follow the Hebrew roots of the faith. I study the Torah (the first 5 books of Moses, the Prophets and Psalms) as the foundation for all of Scripture and believe that what many call the "New Testament" to be a series of letters written in full support of Torah and fully recognize the Talmadim as Hebrews who faithfully followed the foundation set in motion by Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaacov....just as the Messiah did. Most of all I believe that the Messiah Yahoshua came to show us how to follow Torah perfectly and to be the acceptable sacrifice for our sin and pointing the way to salvation through Teshuvah (turning back to YHVH). Completely upholding (NOT doing away with) the Torah and it's teachings. My music will reflect this.

THE ALBUM "IN THE PRESENCE OF YAH" IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT. THE PRICE IS $15.00 PLUS $1.00 SHIPPING FOR DOMESTIC U.S. MAIL. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THE BELOW SUPPLIED LINK TO PAYPAL FOR FAST PAYMENT AND SHIPMENT. THE 1ST ALBUM "AS THE SHOFAR SOUNDS" IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR THE SAME PRICE. If you are ordering the 1st album "As The Shofar Sounds" Please go ahead and order with the link below but send me an email at dcisive@hotmail.com to let me know that is the specific album you want. I was unable to create a separate link for that album. SHALOM......... Here is that link BELOW: if you prefer to pay by check please email me for details at: dcisive@hotmail.com the https link for PayPal is directly below this line and must be copied and pasted into your browser. Shalom.......


Lee Rothman

All songs Copyright Library of Congress 2007-2011


  • Jocie Harhay said:
    :-) Dec 28
  • Stephen said:
    I love your cds I would like to bye In the presence of Yah and as the shofar sounds. The only thing I live in Australia and the link to paypal on has in the pesense of Yah! Nov 17
  • Patricia Tyson said:
    Such peaceful worship music. I'll be purchasing my copy, soon! Aug 30
  • Patricia Ann Kibbee-Mueller said:
    As Yahuvah has blessed me with my many talents, so, too, has He blessed you with yours. You just keep getting better and better!!!!! I love this. Feb 01
  • D'vorah Yisraela said:
    Beautiful...thank you for sharing your link, Lee. Sep 08
  • WithWingsAsEagles said:
    Thank you Lee for sharing the link to your music. Yahweh bless you and yours. Aug 24
  • Yahudit said:
    Great albums! It is so nice to find a Netsar singing about the restoration of the Nation. Praise Yah! Yah is calling His 12 tribes back to Torah and to The Land, and He is raising up musicians like you to sing about it. Thank you for giving these songs to Israel. You are a gift to the Netsarim. I can feel Yah's Spirit in your music. Baruch ata, achi. Yahudit Oct 29
  • Lorelei said:
    This is beautiful music -it sooths the very core of me. Thank you so much for sharing with me. Shalom rav and, live4yhvh Jan 01
  • jasondmath said:
    Wow Nice Job. I love it! Aug 31

In The Presence of Yah

May 06, 2011

As The Shofar Sounds

Feb 20, 2006


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