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  • nudimzapa said:
    awesome band Aug 05
  • Rachelallan said:
    I just love it..!! Jul 11
  • samshawn said:
    lovely it Jun 03
  • Marylin said:
    I like it Nov 09
  • Brahim said:
    love it :) Sep 08
  • Chris Dixon said:
    High five from the UK :0 Jul 19
  • Sheri Prügivedu said:
    super rocks! Feb 14
  • Josh said:
    Super ! Jan 03
  • Samryn said:
    U guys ROCK!!!!! Aug 17
  • Raven said:
    Hinder is my all time favorite! I so ♥ all their stuff! :] May 14
  • Fan Music_Online said:
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  • michael said:
    Nice job guys! you guys rock!!! Feb 08
  • Matt Beer said:
    hey guys! :) I'm matt beer, 17 years old from new jersey. I'm an acoustic singer/songwriter/guitarist. check out my songs here: http://www.purevolume.com/MattBeerMusic Aug 14
  • lilitaliand23 said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/CUNextTuesday10696 Aug 07
  • Brooke. said:
    you guys rock Sep 29
  • Paige Boser said:
    i just seen you guys and they ROCKED!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! i just cant believe that they came to the Freeborn Country Fair on 8-7-10!!!! PLEASE come back again and bring BAD CITY with you PLEASE!!! THANKS!! LOVE YA! Aug 09
  • Bяok3ncyde36 said:
    i love yall! i wish you would release another cd. :( Jul 13
  • Angélica said:
    muito bom, e fazem muito sucesso no Brasil . Apr 14
  • DJ Turn It Up said:
    yeh Hinder makes tite muzac. Yo if anyone be in Deerborn Heights or da serounding areas in MI an lookin to find a sick nasty dj fo yo party HOLLLAz. yeh believe it, Im a dj extraordinare. so what? "DJ Turn It Up turns up da heat at every party!" Apr 13
  • michellewmusic said:
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Events (3)

Feb 11

Wichita, KS

7:00pm at The Cotillion Ballroom
Feb 12

Sioux City, IA

7:00pm at Anthem @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Jan 15

Toronto, 08

6:00pm at Molson Amphitheater-MAYHEM FEST