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Highland Fall


Genres: Alternative / Pop / Rock

Location: Springfield, MO

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4 tracks

Members: Nick Bacon, Tommy Oerding, Tyler Long, Shay Johnson

"We can take over the world." It is easy for this statement to be the sole description of the purpose of Highland Fall and its members. Delivered as a lyric on the opening track off their debut album, "Those Crazy Northern Lights," it is not difficult to see the effort that Highland Fall is willing to put in to backing their statement. Delivered by an opening punch of just two notes and a powerful vocal line, Highland Fall strives to deliver a powerful pop driven sound, with a mix of in-your-face rock in their opening track, "Speak Softly, Carry A Big Stick." From there, the album simply takes off, delivering heartfelt messages to its audience with strong melodies and lyrics from vocalist Nick Bacon, driving bass parts from bassist Raymond Schmidt, intricate but catchy guitar lines from guitarists Tyler Long and Shay Johnson, and crazy yet technical drum beats from the band's drummer, Tommy Oerding. The songs' messages range from banding together for a common cause ("Speak Softly, Carry A Big Stick"), to not falling victim to stereotypes ("Ambulance Chaser"), to searching for meaning in a world of unique problems ("The Great Divide"). Produced by Kevin Gates (nevershoutnever!, The Ready Set), the album in no way sticks to one particular concept, but does an excellent job of mixing the worlds of pop, rock, and even an epic ballad in to one related concept, as Highland Fall strives to make an impact from their Midwestern home. Started by vocalist Nick Bacon, the initial Highland Fall was formed under the name, "The Frequency" to compete in a national talent search competition for Sony/BMG (Essential) records. Collaborating with the members of a band called A War In May, Bacon helped mend problems the band was facing, and reunited the bands' members under a new name, new style, and new approach. After signing up for the contest, the band had a week to write two original songs, but was not about to be discouraged. In no time at all, the band had created its two works, and delivered them to the judges of the Crossover Music Festival on a Friday morning. After surprising everyone, including themselves, with a victory at the regional competition, the band moved on to the finals in Nashville, TN, where they competed with strong hearts and new material. Although the band did not win the finals, they were reenergized with a passion for their music, and the heart to do something with it. A couple months later the band recorded with Producer Kevin Gates in Springfield, MO, and on April 3rd 2009, released "Those Crazy Northern Lights." Upon the album's release, the band has been met with many successes, bringing their show to six different states already, supporting major acts such as The White Tie Affair (Epic), Bowling For Soup (Jive), Abandon Kansas (Gotee), The Ataris, Just Surrender, Kelsey and the Chaos, and Josephine Collective (Warner Bros.). "We've been fortunate enough to be able to do more than most bands at this point in our careers, but we feel the important part now is to not stop, to not give up, and to try and reach as many new people as we can with our music," says vocalist Nick Bacon, "We write music that we love, and we try to show that with our live performance. If people love it, they love it, if they don't than hopefully they've been amazed by our energy and by Raymond [Schmidt]'s leaps from his bass cab, but ultimately we're out to make music, and to make friends while we are doing it; we're just trying to take over the world!"



Hey Houston - Single

Dec 20, 2009

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