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Heroes Love Revenge


Genres: Hardcore / Punk / Metal

Location: Lansing, MI

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Members: Dustin - Vocals, Joey - Guitar/Vocals, Sean - Bass/Vocals, Albert - Guitar/Vocals, Tim - Drums

Here in 2005, America's high schools have seemingly given up turning out talented young minds in favor of turning out untalented metal-core and hardcore bands. These mass-produced bands are finding pocket fan-bases and taking over towns by running all of the "mom and pop" hardcore bands out of town like some sort of punk-culture Wal-Mart. Enter Lansing Michigan's; Heroes, Love, Revenge. The band revives an evocative style culled from the glory days of melodic hardcore when bands like Kid Dynamite and 88 Fingers Louie ruled the roost. Heroes Love Revenge adds a modern twist with occasional fantasy metal flourishes and solos that you wouldn't expect to ever compute in addition to the foundation it's laid; yet somehow, it all ties together seamlessly. Add these elements to lyrics that read like prose, are socially conscious and often open-ended, leaving more interpretations to the listener as a choose-your-own adventure book, and you will hear the sound of "mom and pop" hardcore's great white hope. - Cale Sauter Lansing's "City Pulse"


  • XDeathXByXBassX said:
    Dude I Have Yall On Myspace Yall Guys Are Kick Ass!! I Might Buy Some Merch. So Yeah I\'ll Probably Buy One Of Everything So Yeah Gotta Get The Money First Later Rock On Feb 12

Heroes, Love, Revenge

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