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Genres: Metal / Metal

Location: Mexico

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4 tracks

Members: Gabbie (vocals and guitars), Adriana ( guitars) , Lucila ( Bass), Jimena ( Keyboards), Daniela ( Drums)

Herenwen ("Where the Maiden Rule", in elfic) was born in 2005 and its lineup is:

Gabbie: lead vocals and guitar.
Adriana: lead and rhythm guitar.
Jimena: keyboards.
Lucila: bass and backing vocals.
Daniela: drums.

Unilike many bands in which the songwriting is the responsibility of one or two band members and the concept of what the band should be is often imposed to all members in the band, the idea in Herenwen is to let each band member to freely develop temselves while expressing their own ideas and personalities in order to create a more original musical style (without loosing passion and anger which are characteristic in metal music), and therefore satisfying all artistical aspirations of their band members .

Although we all have different ideas of what music and metal should be, we have an agreement in that we want our music to be sincere, to reflect our true emotions; also, our music should be able to communicate the distinctive passion, strength and anger of metal music. In general, our musical concept is based on the principles given above.

Although we're an all - female - band, we don't want this fact to be the sole identity of our project, and we don't want to use our feminine image to cover up for lack of artistic talent either: we want our image to complement a well - achieved artistical concept instead.

We aren't feminists, bitter females or anything like that, we don't want to kill all men on Earth (as a matter of fact, we like guys very much, hehehe). We want to prove that women can also get passionate for metal music and that we can create a band as good as an all male band; if possible, change the concept that women can only express some sort of empty hysteria and therefore can't really do anything creative with the anger they have inside.

We're true metal hearts!!! We don't do this for fashion or to call for boys' attention. Our biggest interest is to create a good, credible band of our favorite musical style so we're working very hard to achieve it!!! We hope you like our work (... and if you don't... well... we don't give a damn!!! But a good critic may work for all of us as well :) )


  • Mesaya said:
    Congratulations! This demo is awesome and you girls fucking rules, keep supporting metal and live with 200 pounds of iron in your feet because this scene is rude and you can fall if you are not well stand. Cheers to all and congratulations again Messiah Apr 09

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Jul 04, 2006