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Here Holy Spain

"UNDER THE UNDERTOW" coming July 2013!


Genres: Punk / Alternative / Rock

Location: Dallas, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Wes Todd, Erica Guagliardi, Scott Brayfield, Ben Piché

"UNDER THE UNDERTOW" EP / vinyl split with DESCENDER in stores and online JULY 2013!

Here Holy Spain is a punk-influenced aggressive rock band from Dallas, TX. Two full length albums ("Manic" 2009 & "Division" 2011) have been released through Idol Records, with exclusive cover art by James O'Barr, creator/artist/writer of The Crow.

Follow-up "Under the Undertow" is a split vinyl release with DESCENDER and will be available July 23, 2013.

Here Holy Spain has opened tour dates for The Toadies and shared the stage with such bands as: Bad Brains, Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), The Jealous Sound, Riverboat Gamblers, The Willowz, Nashville Pussy, The Soft Pack, Girl in a Coma and more.


So many artists strain for reinvention, racing to define music's future with affected Tron vocals or trippy genre combinations (can we please just pretend dub-step never happened?).

It's easy to forget how rare straightforward rock albums are these days. If you're a purist who's looking for one, you might want to send Dallas band Here Holy Spain (myspace.com/ hereholyspain) a thank-you card. Division, the Dallas trio's latest LP, is a strident wakeup call to the perennial vitality and power of bleeding-heart rock.

Breaking up may be hard to do, but the pain is inextricably linked to emotionally wrenching music. Those feelings of loss and desperation are universal. Singer-guitarist Wes Todd coped with some leftover feelings from a painful past breakup using the best method he knew: writing.

"It felt like the time to write a turbulent record," Todd told us in a recent phone chat. "I was feeling crazy, a lot of drinking, asking 'Why me?' Then, when I got over myself ... it was great because I could focus it all into these songs."

Division is inspired catharsis. Todd considers the album's writing therapy.

"We want people to let go, give it a shot and say 'Man, I've been there ...' and celebrate with us."

Blatant and subtle, rage-fueled and introspective, the record successfully incorporates punk elements but also knows when to pull back and let the unease of vulnerability shock you into attention. Throat-shredding, spit-viper vocals and grimy distortion are employed with vengeance that evokes the pop-inflected fire of early Sparta or the Toadies (fitting, as Todd serves as the band's tour manager).

With the sophomore effort completed, Here Holy Spain's lineup, also including bassist Erica Guagliardi and drummer Scott Brayfield, feels completely different than the group that released the debut Manic in 2009. And in many ways, that's the truth.

Division represents a fresh start, not just for Todd personally, but also for the band's refined abrasive sound and renewed sense of purpose.
~Cole Garner Hill, QUICK

Blistering, driving and tearing from one song to the next, Here Holy Spain show no signs of slowing down on Division, the bands sophomore release on Idol Records. And while some bands would cringe at a review that used the words "loose," "menacing" and "gritty" to describe their music, that's exactly what Here Holy Spain are aiming for. ... other words come to mind - words like "huge," "thrashing" and "explosive." ... nowhere on this record is there a lack of energy. On Division, Here Holy Spain prove that they know exactly what they want.
~Daniel Hopkins, DALLAS OBSERVER

Here Holy Spains second album, Division, is a thrashing, punk-informed rock record that just doesnt mess around.

"MANIC" Press:

'The songwriting on Manic is excellent, consistently catchy and never trite. The album is completely free of filler, and while that means that there are no restful spots following its most intense moments, the band never struggles to keep the listeners attention. Manic is a quick exercise in grungy hard rock, but its a successful one.'
~ Liz Ohanesian, OUTBURN Magazine

'the band rarely shows any speed but full-blast. It does my heart good to know that three chords and a lot of anger can still produce such pleasing sounds.'
~ Pete Freedman, DALLAS OBSERVER

'If you dont feel your skin sink on this one, check your pulse. For those hip to the lyrical terrain of voodoo psychobilly and goth-punk, this will be a welcome rendezvous with things that howl in the night, but for those who just want an unbridled, though contoured, rock n roll soundtrack - a secret weapon to unleash at boring parties - this will be ideal too.'

'Here Holy Spain has created a slab of fresh, welcoming, and raw 'slacker punk' on their debut, 'Manic.' Simple, catchy no-holds-barred blasts of energy will have the skate parks to the grunge rockers nodding their heads in appreciation. Strong memorable melodies bounce around the stomping rhythms and charging guitar attacks to create songs listeners will be struggling to get out of their heads.'
~ Dan Goldin, EXPLODING IN SOUND - Bands To Know 2009

'The album is a solid piece of rock and roll, perfect for those who like their tunes quick, fast, and hard.'

'The grungy guitar work and vocal angst that give the disc its title were just the type of criteria that adolescent me lived for. Not to slight the disc at all or to insinuate in any way that their sound is outdated...'


'For some, Christmas is a wonderful time of year filled with the spirit of giving, snowflakes, cookies by the fire and time well spent with a loving family. But for the most of us, its a time of ugly consumerism, blistering cold weather, a thinning wallet and being forced to spend too much time with people you cannot stand. Here Holy Spain offers up a much-needed anthem for the Christmas blues with latest single 'God Damn This Christmas.' The song features guest performers from the Toadies, Smile Smile and Young & Brave. Bah! Humbug!'
~ MAGNET Magazine



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