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Heralds of the Sword

For Tyrinthia!


Genres: Metal

Location: Tehachapi, CA

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Members: Saelion of Eldoria, Fedelis of Darglund Castle, Torvak of Kaldolmarr, Khadgar of Valineth, Lerador of Eldoria, Vincenzo of Castle Durnhaus, Eanamin of the Kingdom of Old

Influenced by a desire to craft a unique sound in the California Metal Scene, Heralds of the Sword creates Fantasy Power Metal full of energy and theatrics. Challenged by becoming the difference in a flooded market these Heralds take pride in their design, down to the finest detail. From presence to costuming, theatrics to song writing, a self crafted land of fantastical creatures, dragons, magic and nobility are part of the experience that make you remember the Heralds of the Sword -- Welcome to Tyrinthia!

Melodic and multi-layered vocal harmonies shape the driving force of these powerful Heralds. Their singer, Warlord Khadgar, commands the presence of his audience to heed the cry of battle. Even as their war cries echo the concert halls, the formation of a solid group of musicians with diverse experience surrounds the foundation of their music. Torvak carves a steady flow of gripping rhythms that further advances the true groundwork of all that is Power Metal. A force of demanding and precise guitar solos is illustrated by Fedelis. Saelion secures an orchestrated energy behind the keyboards, bringing required Fantasy aspects to their genre. Vincenzo augments the low end with authority along with Lerador designing fierce beats that grasp the listening sense of the entire audience. Together as a modern driving force in Power Metal, the Heralds of the Sword bring exceptional entertainment to this world from a world of their own -- For Tyrinthia!

Full Bio:

During the winter months of 2008 Samuel Carassco found himself deep in study over the music of the Eras, more specifically of Power Metal in the last 20 years. Knowing full well this genre was dominant outside of the United States it became apparent that perhaps it was time Power Metal was given a chance to succeed once again in the USA. Obviously this was not an easy undertaking, considering the music would be difficult and the scope of the project daunting even before the search for members would began. Hence would start Samuel’s journey of determination, to seek out members of like mind with enough knowledge, skill, and desire to attempt a project that was uncommon to the region.

After a short time it seems fate would play a role in bringing together the proper musicians to concrete the core of the Heralds. Wolfgang Shadduck would read through an advertisement created by Samuel that matched his interest in Power Metal, thus a meeting was set so initial ideas could be inspired. During some of their first conversations Wolfgang brought Adam Wojack to member consideration and Samuel mentioned Tyler DiRocco as well so the Core could be set, that of Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, and Bass. Consistent practice started in haste with many musical concepts being created within the weeks and months that followed. Well known original songs like Kingdom of Old and Battle of the Tyrinthian Plains changed very little from their initial concepts and as time went by many more tales would be written to craft what our fans know as the Heralds of the Sword.

Even with a growing compilation of songs we would still be without a Vocalist to work in our story driven fantasy lyrics as well as a Lead Guitar to work in conjunction with our Rhythm and Keys. Samuel referenced the talent of Kenny Montejano, a prominent and naturally gifted vocal student in the local area concerning the Heralds of the Sword project. Reluctant during their first few conversations Kenny would continue to discuss the project eventually finding benefit in working together with the rest of the Heralds in this challenging endeavor. With the addition of Kenny our search for well versed and talented musicians would near completion, the Heralds now stood strong at five members.

Time would pass yet again, with continued collaboration between all the Heralds they worked towards enough solid and well practiced material to bring their tales to the world. Numerous performances were accomplished playing to maximum occupancy at nearly all locations earning experience that would improve upon our adventures in Power Metal. During a California Wild Fire Relief concert in our area we were approached by Caleb Hairston offering his services to enhance our project knowing full well he was ready to drive the Heralds towards success as their future moved forward.

Each member would come to be known as a representative of their chosen lands, unified together, Saelion, Torvak, Lerador, Vincenzo, Khadgar, Fedelis settled the final roster to set the Heralds of the Sword as a rising, theatrical Power Metal band from the United States.

In character story of a Heralds creation:

Long ago in a time of great instability a union of Warriors were selected to bring order to the lands and repel the chaos that inundated the World of Mhalosia. This assembly brought hope to the people as rumor told that all regions would work together and unite against the creeping darkness.

Selected from the leadership of Eldoria, Kaldolmarr, Durnhaus, Valineth, and Darglund Castle, these Heralds gathered, handpicked by vigilant research and review by the Kings Court of Kanthar. Obligated to serve, these leaders accepted to not only protect their native lands but to also bind by oath and loyalty to Kanthar, and to all of Tyrinthia!

And so it was done. Swords were crafted to represent these warriors, constructed with the magic of the Blue Crystal, by the hand of King Kanthar himself. Together, as one, these Heralds gathered in the Grand Hall of the Kingdom of Old, swords drawn and united, swore oath to protect the lands for all eternity.

This bloodline would continue through the ages with each sword being passed to the next in kin. Even through peace the very presence of this ancient magic would bind the lands in an everlasting kinship of cooperation. Side by side would stand the might of Dwarves and the elegance of the Elven nation; the determination of the Barbarians and pride of Mankind.

Sword Sworn in a time without end, bound to their calling, the Heralds of the Sword!