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Hello, Astronaut


Genres: Acoustic / Pop

Location: Fresno, CA

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Hello, Astronaut is the solo project of 18-year-old multi-instrumentalist, Jordan Palmer. Based in Fresno, California, Palmer unites energetic beats with smooth pop lyrics to create a dynamic sound that is all his own. While only freshly out of high school, Palmer holds a level of sophistication and determination far beyond his years. Utilizing the musical skills and artistic style that he has honed and developed over the past four years, the time has come for Palmer to take to the stage and share his pop passion with the world. This..is surely only the beginning.

The creative sparks started flying with the reception of a simple gift on Palmer's 14th birthday - an 8-track analog mixer. The self-taught guitarist took the gift as a sign of opportunity and wasted no time in putting it to use. Gathering his friends together to create a band, Palmer and company could be found, nearly every afternoon, using the mixer to write and record rough demos. With a developing passion for writing his own lyrics and creating a sound that was uniquely his own, Palmer soon picked up the bass, drums, piano, and began taking vocal lessons in order to pursue solo ventures.

Taking his versatility and desire for complete creative control, Palmer started Hello, Astronaut as a means of personal expression and growth - an outlet for his hope and happiness. Far from the brutal intensity of the hardcore and screamo bands Palmer previously played in, Hello, Astronaut blends bright elements of pop, rock, and electronics, juxtaposed finely with smart, honest lyrics, bold bursts of energy, and a whole lot of charisma. Hello, Astronaut is Jordan Palmer.

Growing up as a home school student in Orange County, Palmer's social and music opportunities were severely limited. With a move to Fresno at 16, Palmer found the social jolt he needed to overcome his shy disposition. With underground music venues supplying endless inspiration and entertainment, Palmer soon found his voice and gained the confidence to take his music to the next level. It wasn't long before he too was gracing the stage of local venues - the same venues that many of his musical inspirations had previously stood before him on. This past summer brought Palmer a glimpse of the bigger stage - a highly coveted performance slot on the Ernie Ball Stage, at the Fresno stop of the 2009 Van's Warped Tour.

While some pursue the music industry as a means of fame and fortune, Palmer holds deeper passion in his pursuit. "If I get anything out of making music I want to be able to give people songs that they can relate to. We all go through the same crap and music can help out a lot. I know it's helped me," Palmer states. "I just want to do what I love. I don't ever want to get to the point where I'm happy with where I am. I always want to be striving for the next level and constantly improving myself musically, and as a person."

Hello, Astronaut's debut EP, Paper! Snow! A Ghost! was released on August 21st, 2009, but fans won't have to wait long for more material. A brand new EP is already in the works for 2010, featuring the leading single "The Only One."

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The Only One EP

Sep 07, 2010

The Only One (Single)

Nov 14, 2009


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