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Genres: Progressive / Folk / Metal

Location: San Diego, CA

Stats: 2 fans / 325 plays / 8 plays today






Members: Drew Peters, Francis Roberts, Reece Miller

Starting some time in 2005, Drew Peters (drums, percussion, strings) and Reece Miller (bass, accordion, pennywhistle) joined up with guitarist/singer Francis Roberts to form the incredible power trio that is Hellhound.
Combining various musical backgrounds and tastes, they developed a preference for progressive-type metal, with many folk elements in the lyrics and instrumentation (drawing inspiration from Irish traditional music, tall tales, legends, sea chanteys, orchestral variations, etc.)

Live, Hellhound is nothing short of spectacular. Sets that tastefully blend pieces ranging from acoustic sounds to in-your-face thrash metal are not uncommon. Totally unrestricted by fashion and popular culture, expect wild, farfetched outfits and dramatic, breathtaking performances. Some journeys take the band to local beaches, standing out from the crowds as a crew of bard-like pirates performing chanteys and traditional songs, along with acoustic arrangements of their own pieces, only for the fun of it.



Pirate Shit

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United States


La Jolla, CA

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